Monday, February 4, 2008

Why YOU should vote NO on Proposition 94. Send a MESSAGE to Pechanga that Corruption is not what we meant by self-reliance

When Pechanga Spokesman Mark Macarro stood before you asking for help passing Prop. 1A and Prop. 5 he told you that there would be limited gambling and that money would be used to help lift the tribe out of poverty.

FACT: Under Macarro's leadership, the Temecula Band of Mission Indians have disenrolled 25% of their people. Did he tell you that he was going to eliminate so many Indians from the Tribe.

FACT: Pechanga has violated the civil rights of it's members by terminating membership before elections, eliminating large voting blocs.

FACT: Pechanga is keeping at least 400 RIGHTFUL Pechanga people from membership.

FACT: Mark Macarro did NOT grow up on the rez, but went to Colton High School. His father went to San Berdoo High.

FACT: Pechanga hired an expert to determine the heritage of the Hunter family. That expert, the foremost authority on California Indians, Dr. John Johnson, determined that Paulina Hunter was indeed Pechanga, more so than any other family. The tribe still took away the family's heritage. Lawrence Madariaga, Hunter family elder, has lived on the reservation for 60 years. Macarro was born in San Bernardino, as was his father.

FACT: The Propositions, if denied, will still allow tribes to earn HUNDREDS of MILLIONS per year.

FACT: Pechanga tried to keep Californians from VOTING on these propositions, interfering in the state's business.

FACT: PECHANGA lobbied successfully to keep the Quechan tribe from getting a casino, yet whine that other tribes try to keep Pechanga from getting richer at their expense.

FACT: One of Pechanga's members, Raymond Basquez, Jr. threatened and menaced a group of demonstrators on public property, Saturday Feb. 2.

FACT: You can vote NO on Propositions 94 and YES on any of the others. Imagine the news organizations that would want to know why only Pechanga's initiative was defeated? We could tell them honestly that the people of California DID NOT like what Pechanga has done to it's people.

FACT: Pechanga disenrolling it's members is NOT like losing a country club membership or getting booted from the PTA. It causes real pain and anguish as related HERE.

FACT: YOU can sign a petition showing your displeasure with Pechanga's corrupt activities HERE.

FACT: You can join THOUSANDS of California Indians in voting NO on Proposition 94 and NO to expanded gaming.

FACT: Pechanga doesn't need to make more money since they have LESS people than when we passed Prop. 5. Currently they are making over $35,000 per month. Nice, but should Temecula have to suffer from 48,000 more car trips a day to benefit 750 people?

FACT: $50,000 to the high schools should NOT wash away the $150,000,000 the tribe has taken away from the disenrolled people.

FACT: A donation to the YMCA or Boys Club should not hide the fact that Pechanga has acted unconstitutionally in denying enrollment with their moratorium (Against the Pechanga Band's Constitution and Bylaws)

FACT: Pechanga used the word of a child molestor in PRISON, versus the certified documents of the Hunter family. Megans Law has a few Pechanga people on it

FACT: A white man with no Pechanga blood sits on Pechanga's council and he conspired to get rid of family's to control votes.

FACT: YOU CAN VOTE NO to Pechanga and yes on the other props. Or NO to Pechanga and abstain from the others.

FACT: The Tribes already admit they will not reach the $9 Billion to California, so they are, essentially continuing their lies with their television spots.

FACT: PECHANGA is the largest contributor because the other three tribes think they are unseemly. They have had to pay for a lot of the spots themselves.

SPECULATION: Richard Milanovich washes his hands after shaking Macarro's hand at meetings.

FACT: Pechanga did not allow those they disenrolled to have attorney's present. Nor to have writing implements to take notes. They had armed guards to watch over the disenrollees. The Enrollment committee would not answer questions as to what evidence was needed.


'aamokat said...

Very true, getting kicked out of your tribe (disenrolled) is not like being thrown out of a country club.

It is losing one's citizenship in his or her nation, our nation, in this case the Pechanga nation.

Imagine for a moment that you are summoned in front of the U.S. government but you are told you cannot have an attorney come with you and you are told you can't even bring pens or pencils to take notes during the proceedings.

And imagine that when you ask for copies of the transcripts of the hearings that you are told you cannot have a copy.

Plus imagine when making their determination that you can no longer be an American citizen that the government ignored every piece of evidence that showed you are who you claim to be, a legitimate American citizen.

Well that is what happened to us when we lost our citizenship in the Pechanga nation but because of sovereignty no one will look into our case.

One would think that since Pechanga gets federal funding for its reservation that the feds could look into this travesty of justice plus if the Pechanga tribe is rich already and they are, they won't be losing a thing if propostition 94 fails, so why do they still need federal dollars?

Unknown said...

I second that.. well except in my Hearing on dis-enrollment one of the people making that decision fell asleep.. but still the results were the same.

'aamokat said...



Luiseno said...

What about the fact that one of the Hunter fmaily members was told to his face by one of the enrollment committee members who was to decide out fate... "you are going to be disenrolled NO MATTER what evidence you provide?

cideways said...

Fact: Disenrollment means no rights in your Country, town, community, even your own home if you live on the Reservation. The Reservation is controlled by people that do not live on the Rez and never have. Don't believe the hype Mark Macarro and his lemme's are nothing but a bunch of liars and thieves.