Friday, February 1, 2008

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have a PERSONAL stake in Expanded Gaming?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has backed expanded gaming. Is there a personal advantage for him after he's out of office? Will we be seeing TERMINATOR slots in Pechanga's casino?


The other is that Schwarzenegger has still failed to disclose details of his reported holdings in IGT, the Reno, Nevada-headquartered slot manufacturer that supplies most of the state’s machines.

In 2004, CityBeat reported that Schwarzenegger received a settlement on his $20 million lawsuit against IGT, which manufactured Terminator slots without first obtaining Schwarzenegger’s permission. This was confirmed by Schwarzenegger spokesperson Vince Sollitto. “My understanding is that those holdings are in a blind trust,” Sollitto told CityBeat.

This time, Schwarzenegger’s office repeatedly refused to answer questions about IGT, stating that the governor’s finances are his “private affair.” In 2004, IGT spokesperson Rick Sorensen confirmed for CityBeat that there was a settlement, and that IGT was bound by “a confidentiality agreement,” with the court documents sealed. Therefore, it’s impossible to determine whether Schwarzenegger’s holdings in IGT are in company stock or Terminator machine royalties, or if he, as University of Las Vegas Professor William N. Thompson advised, “gave it all to charity.” OP: He didn't, otherwise he would say, I gave it all to charity, don't you think?

Also, according to an unnamed source, Schwarzenegger applied “nonstop pressure” on IGT attempting to get the company to contribute to the proposition campaign.
OP: Let's see, the GOVERNOR of the state of CALIFORNIA putting pressure on a NEVADA business to throw money into a venture that could possibly benefit Arnold Schwarzenegger? Smells slightly fishy don't you think?

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Nor Cal Blogger said...

Imagine that! Just like petey wilson, the governator will be raking in cash kikbacks aftre her gets out of office as well. and its in a blind trust so no one knows who or where or how much. These dimishments of indian rights and the theft of these claimed billions of dollars from a impevereshed and disadvantaged people is totally disgusting. I'm not sure if I'f want the money at this point even if our tribe did get it!