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A Pechanga History has Always included Paulina Hunter and Descendents.

Once upon a time there was a band of people who suffered at the hands of the European conquerors and then the Americans who came for land and gold.

They used Indian vs. Indian... The first Temecula Massacre in 1847 :

Thirty to 125 Luiseno Indians are killed at the east end of Pauba Valley, south of Adobe Springs (Los Nogales Road and Camino del Vino), by Lugo's troops and his Cahuilla Indian allies in what will come to be called the Temecula Massacre.

1847 Jan. 25
The Mormon Battalion,commanded by Captain Philip St. George Cooke, arrives in the Temecula Valley on its trek from Santa Fe to San Diego. It meets a party of 150 armed Luiseno Indians who have come to bury the victims of the Temecula Massacre.
1847 Jan. 26
The Luiseno dead are buried in a local burial ground located on Pablo Apis's rancho, near Temecula Creek

The tribe is evicted and moved 1875:

The Temecula Indians are evicted from Little Temecula Rancho land by a San Diego County Sheriff's posse which includes Juan Murrieta and Francisco Zanjuro. The Indians are led to an area in the hills south of the Temecula River, east of the Pala Road, which would eventually become the Pechanga Indian Reservation. (Actually, it's for the Temecula Band of Luiseno Indian)

In 1882, things are looking up for Temecula Indians:

President Chester A. Arthur signs an Executive Order creating a 4,000-acre Pechanga Indian Reservation as a home for the Luiseno Indians of Temecula. Paulina Hunter receives an alottment of 20 acres as head of household. Vaunted Pechanga elder Antonio Ashman remembers her and her family, and swears to that fact under oath.

The tribe lives in peace for decades, working together, Hunter Family members build on their property, help bring in a health clinic, work on the council, the water board. Masiel Family on the other hand, start building... RAP SHEETS. And then, the casino opens and things change dramatically:

Here's a history of how the Pechanga Casino has brought corruption to a head:

1. In December 2001, Yolanda McCarter (niece of Irene Scearce and Ruth Masiel) submitted a letter to Enrollment Committee demanding the Committee research several families including ours. The request stated that "this (be) straightened up before the next election in July."

2. In June 2002, Enrollment Committee Chairperson Mary Magee, sister of Gloria Wright, is removed from the Committee for divulging confidential information. A petition is justified to amend the Disenrollment Procedures. A vote to approve or deny the petition is set for July 2002.
(Petition is not brought forth until February 2003.)

The newly built Pechanga Resort and Casino is opened. This is a permanent structure which replaced the original Casino structures which were in modular and sprung structure.

In October 2002, 2 new members are elected to Enrollment Committee to bring membership up to required 10 members. (A member retired from Committee in September 2002). Olivia Walls is elected Committee Chair, and we request an audit of Enrollment Committee activities for the previous years and advice from our legal counsel at California Indian Legal Services on how to address wrong-doings by Committee and Committee members. Our legal counsel is told by John Macarro (shorter, younger brother of Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro) not to take any action to assist the Committee or answer our questions regarding the wrong-doings.

3. November 12, 2002, members of the Enrollment Committee, acting without a quorum and outside the Committee's procedures, serve several other Committee members with disenrollment summonses. The Committee members who took the action were- Irene Scearce, Ruth Masiel, Frances Miranda, Margaret Duncan, and Bobbi Lamere. Those served include John Gomez, Theresa Spears, Olivia Walls, and Sandra Garbani.

4. On December 10, 2002, Concerned Pechanga People submit documents to the Enrollment Committee questioning the lineal descent of several families including the Manuela Miranda descendents, Paulina Hunter descendents, and Garbani descendents. This action was taken a month after the above action. The Concerned Pechanga people are immediate family and friends of Committee members who initiated the November 12, 2002 action. (See list of Pechanga Enrollment Committee members, Splinter Group and Concerned Pechanga people).

5. Between December 10, 2002 and February 23, 2003, Concerned Pechanga people make visits to Enrollment Committee and send out flyers to Tribal members urging disenrollment actions be taken against the 3 families they have targeted. The Enrollment Committee does not move forward due to a split as to how to proceed and what constitutes "factual" information related to enrollment.

6. The Concerned Pechanga people move to have Pechanga Development Corporation Elections post-poned until disenrollment occurs. After the PDC elections have been put off for over a month, elections are finally held and Jennie Miranda is voted out of office. She is replaced by a member of the Hunter family. She and members of her family make statements about getting revenge on the Hunters and Manuela people.

7. February 18, 2003, members of the Enrollment Committee, acting without a quorum and outside the Committee's procedures serve several other Committee members with disenrollment summonses. The Committee members who took the action were- Irene Scearce, Ruth Masiel, Frances Miranda, Margaret Duncan, and Bobbi Lamere. Those served include John Gomez, Theresa Spears, Olivia Walls, and Sandra Garbani.

8. From February 24, 2003 to March 18, 2003 Committee is locked out while the Tribal Council reviews actions and concerns of Enrollment Committee Chair.

9. March 7, 2003 letter from Tribal Council nullifying the February 18, 2003 action taken by Committee members to initiate the disenrollment process against several other Enrollment Committee members. Enrollment Committee members removed from committee and Enrollment Committee reconstituted.

10. March 18, 2003, Enrollment Committee now consisting of Bobbi Lamere, Margaret Duncan, and Lori Vasquez reconvene. Committee drafts letters of rescission and send to Committee members who were targeted by February 18, 2003 action.

11. Between March 18, 2003 and June 1, 2003, Concerned Pechanga people meet with the Enrollment Committee to provide additional information against the 3 families targeted and to push the Leyva/Basquez review before the review of any other family. The information questioning the Leyva/Basquez family (which includes Jennie Miranda, Irene Scearce, and Ruth Masiel) was received well after the information questioning the Manuela descendents and the other families. Procedurally, the Manuela descendents and other families should have been reviewed prior to the Leyva/Basquez family and/or the Candelaria Flores review. However, the Enrollment Committee consisted of members- Bobbi Lamere and Margaret Duncan- who acted with and for the Concerned Pechanga people. Even though the Manuela descendents provided information to the Enrollment Committee as early as December 17, 2003 refuting the allegations made by the Concerned Pechanga people, those working with, for, or were/are a part of the Concerned Pechanga people were pushed ahead of us in the review process. This was done to stack the Committee and guarantee our disenrollment.

12. On or about June 1, 2003, the Garbani and Leyva/Basquez families were cleared. Ruth Masiel, Irene Scearce, and Sandra Garbani returned to the Enrollment Committee.

13. Between June 1, 2003 and September 23, 2003, the Manuela descendents provided the Enrollment Committee with additional documents proving lineal descent and refuting the allegations made by the Concerned Pechanga.

14. On September 23, 2003, the Enrollment Committee clears the Candelaria Flores family. Frances Miranda returns to the Committee as a result of this decision. We were once again passed over for review so that a member working with, for, or is/was a part of the Concerned Pechanga people could be put back on the Committee. Frances Miranda's father, Richard Miranda, was a member of our family. The years before he passed away, she was receiving his per capita check as she was "taking care of him". Once he passed away and she was no longer receiving 2 per capita checks, the Splinter Group initiated their disenrollment action against the targeted families.

15. On October 21, 2003, Jennie Miranda provides the Enrollment Committee with a letter regarding the lineage of Pablo Apish. Demands that the Manuela descendents be disenrolled. On October 23, 2003, the Enrollment Committee sends summonses to all adult members who are lineally descended from Manuela Miranda.


Allen L. Lee said...

The way I am reading this is:
The Concerned Pechanga People (CPP)
is in essence a political party, and they along with influenced politicians orchestrated the dis-enrollment of three families from the tribe/ Feel free to correct any mis-interpretations.
Though the general membership may have been canvassed or lobbied by this political party, the general membership as of yet as taken no official action to dis-enroll the families in question?
The cover-up is a retro-active attempt to create a new Base Roll.
One of the on-going themes of requirement for the U.S. to consider a tribal act official is that it must be a representation of the general membership.
So far the dis-enrollments don't look official to me.
It looks like a political party flagrantly manipulating an arm of the tribal government rather than the will of the general membership/citizenship

Allen L. Lee said...

The U.S. would still have grounds to recognize the dis-enrolled families as Pechanga Tribal Members, even if the "Political Party" chooses not to, until the will of the majority of the general membership is official.
I think the U.S. is operating outside it's scope of recognition guidelines by discontinuing tribal recognition of members/citizens dis-enrolled by faulty or corrupt tribal government pratices and with-out a clear mandate from the general membership.

'aamokat said...

The Hunters were also investigated for disenrollment before the families whose cases were taken out of order who were cleared from disenrollment without a legal quorum of the enrollment committee.

The full committee is supposed to be ten members with a legal quorum being at least 51% or six members.

So some of those enrollment committee members who showed clear bias against our family and who reasonable people could see that they could not be counted on to render fair and impartial verdicts were cleared with less than a legal quorum of the enrollment committee and they were allowed to rule on our disenrollment cases.

As I have said a thousand times and will continue to say, article V of the Band's constitution forbids malice or predjudice of tribal members so our disenrollment is null and void on those (and other) grounds.

And some of those people, namely Ruth Masiel and Irene Scearce, are from the Francisca Leyva(s) line and they have questionable ties to the tribe themselves.

I will continue with one of those other grounds on my next post.

'aamokat said...

In June of 2005 the tribe voted to justify a petition ending the disenrollment procedures as a part of tribal law.

This petition was passed into law by the General Membership
in July 2005.

Yet we were disenrolled in March of 2006 anyway so since the according to the Band's constitution and bylaws the General Membership is the final authority in matters of tribal law that any actions taken regarding our disenrollment cases that were after the June 2005 justification of the petition ending the disenrollment procedures as a part of tribal law are null and void.

So the action taken on March 16, 2006 that disenrolled us is rescinded.

I will challenge the ruling of the tribal council allowing us to be disenrolled in my next post.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, stop being so negative you Hunter people. You know you do not come from Pechanga. Stop lying to yourself and others by claiming otherwise. End your hurling of dirt at others. Quit deceiving others; after all, the CPP went out of business when it succeeded with its project to remove the non-members, including the Hunter family. Accept your due fate. Go on with your lives. Give up your negativity, because keeping it will only sour your consciousness. Enjoy the life your have.

Allen L. Lee said...

Does anyone else hear what 'aamokat is saying?
I'm hearing it, feeling it, and believing it.
Just reminiscing about how the "stick game" was used as a traditional link to justify Casino gaming. Not that it needs to be discussed on the web, but I was told the "stick game" was more than just gambling.
Anonymous: the negativity is probably in the eyes of the viewer, not the actor. You sound like your afraid the house of cards is going to collapse by January 2010? Even though I think there should be some accountability for the wrong committed against the dis-enrolled, I would still defend your right to be recognized as a Pechanga.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous please, provide me with the proof that I (a Hunter) do not belong. Please pick a location, a time and date bring your proof of lineal descent and I will gladly me the paperwork that I was enrolled with in 1979, Lets put it all on the table. I CHALLENGE any family line bring it!!!! I know who I am do you???

Not a Masiel Criminal said...

Hunters aren't negative, we're POSITIVE.

We are POSITIVE we are Pechanga

We are POSITIVE the CPP conspired to destroy families

We are POSITIVE that Masiels are a Crime Family.

We are POSITIVE that the enrollment committee treated our case unfairly.

We are POSITIVE Ruth Masiel is incompetent.

We are POSITIVE Ed Burbee is greedy, he told us so.

We are POSITIVE that we have lost ONE MILLION DOLLARS each due to the actions of the CPP.

We are POSITIVE we are right in our actions.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

Thank you Mr. Lee.

Your hitting this situation right on the head.

We are a very proud clan, and will continue to brodcast this situation to anyone who will listen.

Thank you our gentle readers for continuing to follow this story. This blog continues to grow thanks to you.

No$un Lovig.

Allen L. Lee said...

So negative anonymous,
What happens to tribes and tribal members that engage in defrauding other tribal members to the tune of millions of dollars?

"...Chief" Malcolm Webber, 70, was found guilty Wednesday of six charges arising from the unrecognized tribe's efforts to sell tribal memberships.
Webber was convicted on two counts of harboring illegal immigrants, two counts of possession of false documents with intent to defraud the United States, one count of conspiracy with intent to defraud the United States and one count of mail fraud.

After the verdict's were read, U.S. District Judge Wesley Brown told jurors the attorneys had agreed to have the court, rather than jurors, decide on the forfeiture of the proceeds from the criminal acts. Prosecutors estimate the fraud at about $1.2 million.

"The leader of a group that claims to be an American Indian tribe was sentenced today in federal court to five years in prison for defrauding immigrants.
Malcolm Webber also must serve three years of probation after he is released and must forfeit more than $377,000."

The fraud wasn't that you sold memberships to the tribe and pocketed the money. The fraud was that you stole memberships from legitimate members and pocketed the money.

Not a Masiel Criminal said...

Does the Nov 26 anonymous admit there was a conspiracy by the CPP?

Are they truly "out of business"?

What BUSINESS were they in? How do you disenroll SOME members of a family that is STILL in the tribe?

And, then, why is there STILL opposition to new members that can prove their familial ties?

Anonymous said...

This criminal element is not the sharpest tool in the shed. This person shows the direct misuses of tribal politics. A direct violation of our tribes bylaws.

Dispelling hundreds of tribal members and pocketing their per capita, holding out hundreds of tribal members via an illegal moritorium and pocketing their per per capita is embezzlement and violates the Rico Act.

The Truth said...

Dear gentle readers, please spend some time reading this blog. There is very inportant information here for you to share and gain information.

Thank you for comming, we appreciate your support.

Anonymous said...

My responds to anonymous on November 26, 2009 11:22 AM. If you want the hunters to keep quit then allow them to go to court over this. If the courts rule that the hunters have no proof of their claim to Pechanga then that should shut them up fast. But by the tribe hiding behind sovereignty Pechanga looks like criminals hiding behind legal lope holes.

Anonymous said...

This comment is more regards to the discussion about the Masiel/Basquez family. I beleive that some of this family is enrolled at Sobobo; can anyone get there hands on the family tree on record for their family member enrolled at Sobobo? Is it the same family tree or are there differences that might prove someone is lying about which family they came from?

Allen L. Lee said...

To anonymous of November 27, 2009 12:41 PM,

It has been said that a constitutional government with-out a court system is an incomplete government.
This is how a Pechanga Tribal Court might handle the dis-enrollmet disputes, if one existed. I've noticed that Pechanga has a Pechanga Gaming Disputes Court. One might ask with a constitutional government why tribal criminal and civil courts aren't available ;


CIVIL No. 95-3604


…Membership in a federally recognized Tribe of Indians is a valuable property right. Twin Cities Chippewa Tribal Council V. Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, 370 F.2d 529 (C.A. 8 (Minn) 1967. Also see Menominee Tribe of Indians v. U.S., 388 F.2d 998 (Ct.Cl. 1967) (right to hunt and fish a valuable property right). Also U.S. v. Winans, 25 S.Ct. 662, 198 U.S. 371 (U.S.Wash 1905). (Indian rights in general). The Court holds that membership in the Puyallup of Indians is a property right.

[48] The United States Constitution states in pertinent part that no person shall be deprived of property without due process of law. U.S. Constitution, Fifth Amendment.

[49] Similarly, the Indian Civil Rights Act prohibits an Indian Tribe exercising powers of self-government from depriving any person of property without due process of law. 26 U.S.C. 1302(8).
…[55] The court concludes as a matter of law that Ms. Delgado was denied due process of law in violation of the Tribal and United States Constitutions.

[56] On the basis of the foregoing, the Court holds that disenrollment of a member of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians without notice to the member and an opportunity to be heard is a denial of due process and is unconstitutional. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that Janice E. Starr Delgado be re-instates. as an enrolled member of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.”
Point 2.,

In reviewing
" BoBBI LAMERE et al.,
What I found interesting is not what they refused to do but what the court did not determine, and that was no determination was made that the parties in questions were actually dis-enrolled from the tribe. The only thing they said was that "the dispute remains essentially between plaintiffs and the Band" and " Insofar as
plaintiffs sue for violations of “Pechanga Band Law,” it is for the Band to determine what
that law is and whether or not it has been violated."
It was difficult for me to find any language in any of the cases that determined that plaintiffs were no longer tribal members.
Question: Can the BIA recognize or refuse to recognize tribal members based on an illegal tribal act?

'aamokat said...

Since I have already showed in other posts how the ruling of the tribal council in allowing us (the Hunters) to be disenrolled in 2006 was illegal (Pechanga's Murphy's Law) despite the law prohibiting disenrollment in 2005 I am going to take this opportunity to show what some of the specific violations of Article V of the Band's constitution that forbides malice or prejudice of tribal members are.

This letter that O.P. posted is some of the same information that was presented to the tribal council to show why certain members of the enrollment committee should have been made to step aside from ruling on our disenrollment (the Hunters) case and it shows some (but not all) of the lack of due process and the violations of Pechanga law that occurred in our disenrollments and some reasons why we were targeted for disenrollment.

1. "In December 2001, Yolanda McCarter (niece of Irene Scearce and Ruth Masiel) submitted a letter to Enrollment Committee demanding the Committee research several families including ours."

Yolanda Mccarter was a witness for the prosecution against my family so her family members Irene Scearce and Ruth Masiel as well as her uncle Andy Masiel, who ruled while on the tribal council on our appeal of our disenrollments, should have all been made to be recused from ruling on our cases.

2. "Olivia Walls is elected Committee Chair, and we request an audit of Enrollment Committee activities for the previous years and advice from our legal counsel at California Indian Legal Services on how to address wrong-doings by Committee and Committee members. Our legal counsel is told by John Macarro (general council of Pechanga) not to take any action to assist the Committee or answer our questions regarding the wrong-doings."

"November 12, 2002, members of the Enrollment Committee, acting without a quorum and outside the Committee's procedures, serve several other Committee members with disenrollment summonses. The Committee members who took the action were- Irene Scearce, Ruth Masiel, Frances Miranda, Margaret Duncan, and Bobbi Lamere. Those served include John Gomez, Theresa Spears, Olivia Walls, and Sandra Garbani."

Olivia Walls is a member of the Hunter family so all of the enrollment committee members who were suspected of wrongdoing, namely Irene Scearce, Ruth Masiel, Frances Miranda, and Bobbi Lamere and who appeared to be retaliating for being accused of wrongdoing on the committee, should have been made to step aside from ruling on our disenrollment case (Margaret Duncan resigned prior to our disenrollment).

Also, Pechanga General council John Macarro was culpable for telling the enrollment committee's council to not take any action when our family member (among others) asked what to do about the wrongdoing on the committee and also for likely advising the tribal council to not make the enrollment committee members in question be made to step aside from ruling on our disenrollment cases.

Side note: One of the wrongdoings that our family member (among others) accused the enrollment committee of doing prior to our disenrollment was not enrolling people who had their applications in before the deadline for the moratorium on new adult members. Reportedly this was shown to be true this year (2009) when the tribe voted to not process applications for enrollment that were time stamped before the deadline for the moratorium.

Obviously the letter that O.P. posted shows more reasons why our disenrollment violated tribal law and any sense of fairness than I am showing here but I think people can get the jest on what happened to us.


'aamokat said...

Mr. Lee, the Michael Salians case involved the disenrollment of the Manueal Miranda family from the Pechanga tribe and the judge reportedly told them that they had a good case but there was a juridiction problem.

So nobody really has heard the merits of our cases.

As internally the biased enrollment committee and tribal council ignored everything that was in our favor, which far outweighed the bogus evidence against us.

White Buffalo said...

For those who may not know me I and my family have been saying essentially the same thing for several years now," the Manuela Miranda family from the Pechanga tribe and the judge reportedly told them that they had a good case but there was a jurisdiction problem." We know we were wronged but because of the way, the tribe fought us all the way to the Supreme Court where we then were told that the case would not be heard, so the issue has never been resolved. We the decedents of "Chief Pablo Apis" were singled out with predigest and malice because of our questioning of illegal practices of none other than my mom's first cousin Francis Miranda. She is the one who helped to change the order of disenrollments because she knew that our voting bloc would have affected the outcome of the 2004 elections. They the CPP first learned that they could abuse the Civil Rights of others when the illegal moratorium was passed that was just the test for the next step in which the corrupt would start the mass disenrollments of whole families. They learned that they could get away with the abuse of tribal sovereignty if it worked for "Redding Rancheria" then why not for Pechanga.

stand your ground said...

After reading all of the above...
you could'nt write a better movie script than this real life story
Corruption and Deceit in real life.
Pechanga Leadership is truly evil
in all it's forms.

'aamokat said...

And you can plug in the name Manuela Miranda family in my above post about Article V violations of the Band's constitution as they are essetially the same as those that were against the Hunters.

For moratorium people reading this, if you read O.P.'s home page post and some of mine and White Buffalo's posts you will see that the moratorium and disenrollment are part of the same problem.

Some of you ended up in the moratorium even though our families reported the enrollment committee members from the CPP faction to the tribal council for not enrolling you and others.

It might be a good idea for some Moratorium people to file a lawsuit against Pechanga general council John Macarro Brother of Chairman Mark Macarro.

Because if John Macarro did instruct the enrollment committee's attorney from Indian Legal services in 2002 to not advise our families' members who were on the enrollment committee on what to do about allegations against those committee members from the CPP faction which included not enrolling people who should not have ended up in the moratorium even under the bogus law that is in place, then wouldn't he be guilty of aiding and abetting illegally keeping you out of your rightful place in the Pechanga tribe?

cideways said...

I can't wait to see how this plays out! I know that by 2010 we are going to see some "Major" justice in Indian country. Tribes like Pechanga and other greedy corrupt tribes are in for a serious wake up call to their bizarre misconceptions of how a tribe functions.

Allen L. Lee said...

Other sovereigns and recipients of funding from the tribe should be put on notice that no action taken after the tribal officials acted illegally is an official or legal tribal act. Until the illegal act is resolved by tribal members as state and federal courts have recommended, others should refrains from accepting donations and return all donations that were made illegally on behalf of the Pechanga tribe. Allegedly dis-enrolled tribal members still consider themselves lawful tribal members.

Thought I'd share the veiws of others a bit:

"Victor Rocha, the proprietor of, the well-known Indian gaming web site, receives a per capita payment as a member of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians from California. Yet he said he doesn't think it's necessarily a good idea for tribes to share gaming revenues.
"If I spent every single dollar I got out of my paycheck and didn't put it in the bank, my wife would crucify me," he said at the conference. "But that's what the tribes are doing -- they're just bleeding money."

"Wealth Leads to Membership Disputes Among Tribal Members
By John Biewen
August 24, 1997

Prescott: Doesn't anybody care about integrity? I mean, if you have a law, don't you want to follow your law?
Former Shakopee Tribal Chairman Leonard Prescott was voted out of office in the early 1990s, after presiding over the construction of Mystic Lake Casino. The Crooks government later removed Prescott's daughter from the tribal membership rolls. Prescott says that move was part of a vendetta against him. Tribal leaders say Prescott's daughter didn't file the proper documents for membership. Prescott spent three years suing the tribe and the federal government over the membership dispute, but he gave up a year ago. He says he couldn't compete with the Shakopee government and its high-powered Minneapolis and Washington, DC law firms. Prescott accuses federal officials of washing their hands of the dispute rather than fighting the rich tribe.
Prescott: And I don't know that people really looked at that or cared about Indian people or cared about their laws; they're just a small part of this society that we live in. So if you overstep or step on somebody's rights in Indian Country, does it really matter? I don't think so. "

'aamokat said...

Pechanga's Victor Rocha is a real piece of work as he is a man who insults Indian women from other tribes with profanity laced comments when they dared call to task his tribe for violating the rights of his tribe's people.

Rocha also reportedly conspired with tribal elder Ed Burbee by sending slanderous E-mail messages to tribal members in order to discredit former PDC official Richard Miranda who is being sued by Pechanga vendors for payments they claim are owed from a golf tournament a few years ago.

The vendors are suing Miranda because even though he appears to have no legal obligation or guilt in these matters, they cannot sue the tribe itself because of sovereignty.

Rocha's and Burbee's attack on Miranda's name appear to be an attempt to manipulate tribal officials and upcoming elections and possibly to control in particular who sits on the PDC board which oversees the casino for the tribe.

Reportedly Miranda was illegally removed from the PDC board by the tribal council and although the decision was reportedly approved after the fact by the General Membership, if that is the case, it violates the procedures outlined in the Band's constitution and bylaws which state that an elected official can be recalled but it has to be through the petition process that has to be first justified by a vote of the General Membership and then approved in a second vote by the membership.

Surpising that the Powers that be at Pechanga would violate the rights of yet another individual tribal member, in this case Richard Miranda's rights?

Interesting that Miranda's complaints about the lack of due process afforded him bare a remarkable resemblance to what we the people who were disenrolled from the Pechanga tribe went through.

Miranda commented that if it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone, exactly what we have been saying for quite some time now.

Anonymous said...

Rocha is a psychopath. He is very angry towards his mother and grandmother. His outbursts towards all women stem from his unresolved issues with the women most important to him.

His unusual manifestations include his misdirection of anger against all women; including his poor wife.

Women need to stay clear of Rocha. He is very dangerous. Very unpredictable. His wife is living with a very dangerous man who will stop at nothing to cover his inadequacies.

When he speaks, he 'mimics' what others say. He is incapable of empathetic feelings towards fellow human beings;incapable of sincere communication with women especially.

'aamokat said...

Here are the examples of Victor Rocha in action regarding his responses to Indian women from other tribes who were critical of what Pechanga has done regarding disenrollments.

From: Victor Rocha
Date: 5/25/2008 11:44:25 PM
To: Marcie
Subject: RE: Disenrollment

Blah, blah, blah, blah!
Victor Rocha

From: Victor Rocha
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 10:36 AM
Subject: RE: Regarding Pechanga response letter
What a bunch of retarded drivel. If you spent more time on your crappy website than worrying about Pechanga…. you’d still have shitty website.
Victor Rocha

For your information, for those who don't know, STFU= "Shut the fu*k up" and GFY= "Go fu*k yourself."

One would think that Rocha would have just ignored the women's messages or at least parroted the official Pechanga line but no, he had to be abusive in his response to those two women who disagreed with him.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt tribal members need a push ...if you know they are cheating the government by skirting the tax laws...TURN THEM IN...being a part of the tribe at one ex-members are privy to secrets of the tribe...we all know they are cheating,,,just dont know to what extent...they have cost you millions of dollars..its time to get even...TURN THEM IN!!!