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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

American Indian Movement (AIM) Stands up on Disenrollment and Sovereignty

Excellent news from Indian country.  Laura Wass of the American Indian Movement has issues a press release, where they will explore the issue of Tribal Disenrollment and how tribal sovereignty aren't mutually exclusive.
THANK YOU AIM, We've stood together in Sacramento and this is SORELY needed.  Click on the pictures to enlarge

Excellent news from Indian country.  Laura Wass of the American Indian Movement has issues a press release


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the fight, AIM.

Anonymous said...

Great news. Good job cousin!

Anonymous said...

I truly hope AIM follows through on this. They need to look into Pala’s disenrollments and speak with Kilma Lattin he was on the council during this time but stepped down because he didn’t agree with the illegal disenrollments. He will tell you exactly how they went down and how they were wrong and against tribal law.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Kilma is anti-disenrolling, they way he treats Pechanga people abused by their disenrolling tribe.

This statement couldn't be more accurate. It's abuse of sovereignty against ALL native people.
You can't defend disenrolling to natives, only to white people.

Any natives who defend this practice of disenrolling go against custom and tradition.

Brother, cousin, friend... said...

With love all things are possible. Uni moc moc aho leaders of our indigenous nations. The love of money and glutinous behavior leads away from not toward a possibility healing of trama. Heal trama of our past and use it as the grit which brings luster to the hard stone. With so high a polish the reflection can be seen of true self. Be selfless in this an your reflection will imprint for future generations to adore.

Adoration is the reflection of love. Set it in stone without the use of hammers and chisels.