Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Civil and Human Rights Abusing Chukchansi Tribe OPENS ENROLLMENT....to SOME...

Sierra Star News has the story of the Picayune Rancheria opening enrollment. All is NOT as it seems.

For the first time many in the tribe could remember, the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians announced it will allow open enrollment, mere days before its annual council election Saturday, Oct. 7.
In a statement put out on the tribe’s Facebook page Friday, application packages will begin to be sent to enrolled members Monday.
Disenrolled Chukchansi Cathy Cory has this comment on her Facebook:

Even more concerning...as the basis for this new enrollment, Picayune has instituted an enrollment ordinance that establishes the base roll for the tribe as those enrolled as of December 2008 and their descendants,
and has included provisions totally EXCLUDING those 600 chukchansi who currently remain disenrolled from EVER re-applying to the tribe, and denying them ANY right to appeal of these previous tribal council decisions--decisions which arbitrarily and capriciously disenrolled (aka ILLEGALY disenrolled) hundreds of chukchansi people (elders, children, college students, and disabled included)...
No matter the indian civil rights acts barring these actions by a corrupt prci tribal council and enrollment committee was present in the prci constitution then, just as it is today....SHAMEFUL and WRONG

More from SSN:
It was not immediately clear whether previously disenrolled members would be allowed to apply for potential re-enrollment. Requests to tribal officials on Friday for additional information about the enrollment process were not answered by Sunday morning. Anyone with questions can email EnrollmentDept@chukchansi-nsn.gov or call 559-412-5590. The tribe’s office is at 42960 Chapel Hill Drive in Oakhurst.
The election is being overseen by a third party, Indian Dispute Resolution Services, to ensure fair results, officials said.
The tribe has had repeated clashes for years over who can be enrolled as a member, and has repeatedly disenrolled members during factional disputes – including some who have held leadership positions in the tribe.


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Anonymous said...

Get ready. Its happening again! Here we are in 2022 and new council has decided to bring back those that believe 'if not born here in coursegold" you don't belong. They fired the election and enrollment 3rd party companies and will hire tribal members. most from the last time they disenrolled hundreds.
Now the newly selected committees get to play God. They will decided if your chukchansi or not. Hmm sounds like another shut down lies a head to me. Shame shame shame!