Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Nooksack Tribe's "HOLDOVER" Council Member Canete Exposes UGLY HEART in Comparing 306 to TERRORISTS

Holdover Councilperson Katherine Canete calls the Nooksack 306 and their ancestors "terrorists." Pure hatred, and hardly the language you would expect from a tribal leader, but then, nobody ever accused her of leadership.

Under her "leadership" both tribal casinos were shut down, her council FIRED A JUDGE for ruling against them, the government withdrew services, the courts slapped the tribe down, their forced evictions were halted....  that's certainly NOT..."WINNING" and WHO acts like a terrorist?

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This Lady or man Called Katherine Canete is full of Crap and her Follwers are also full of Crap. Not only is she full of Crap shes untrust worthy~ 2 casino shut down and for the fact that things didnt go at tbere convenience theyy fire the Judge..Come on now this ignorant lady is insane and needs to be In a mental ward