Thursday, September 7, 2017

Frustration Over BIA Foot-dragging on FOIA Leads to Offers to Help

We've written many stories about our friend Emilio Reyes's adventures with the BIA and the agency NOT fulfilling their obligations.  Now, he's so frustrated that he's offered his help to Native Americans who ALSO have been stiffed by the BIA.  He's had to go to Jessica Rogers in DC to very little satisfaction.  SMDH

If you need help, add Emilio as a friend of Facebook. 

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Vina said...

Before we could go to Laguna Niguel and look up anything and find our ancestors.One time I went to Laguna Niguel and looked up names , census records and found some family and I asked the receptionist where they got their info and she said from the BIA. But I had already been to the BIA and they told me to go to Laguna Niguel. Now that everything has been taken over by the BIA you have to request information and never hear back. This was back in 1990

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Robert and Theresa will ever do the right thing. They know Margarita Brittain is fullblood. I wonder what they're so afraid of? If I ever see Theresa at church I'm gonna walk up and call her and evil b---- in front of everybody. I hate them both with a passion for knowing the truth and still doing this to everybody. If Margarita Brittain really was half native I would be upset but I wouldn't be so hateful to them for doing this to everybody and lowering our blood. I mean you can't hate on the truth but you can hate on people who do evil and go against the truth for their own personal reasons and I hope they pay for it. I will never forget even when they are both out of office and everyone is reinstated I will still never forget and if they're gone I will take it out on their families like they took it out on ours. The only way I could start to forgive is if they make this right and reinstate the disenrolled. They don't have to admit they disenrolled on purpose just that there was a mistake made and Margarita is fullblood and they are reinstating everyone. Until that day my hate for both of them grow stronger and stronger.