Monday, September 25, 2017


If you are NOT tribal leadership, can you ACT LIKE you are and claim SOVEREIGNTY?

This case is not a so-called intra-tribal dispute, or one regarding tribal disenrollment.  This is a dispute about whether a group of individuals should be allowed to engage in mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy, in violation of RICO while masquerading as a “tribal government.”

The answer is “no.”   TURTLE TALK HAS the DOCUMENTS:

Since at least March of 2016, holdover council Defendants have falsely represented themselves as the Nooksack Indian Tribe.

On December 23, 2016, DOI issued its third and final decision against the holdover council Defendants, reiterating the first two determinations and again invalidating the actions by Defendant Kelly and those “who have exceeded their term of office to anoint [them]selves as the Tribe’s Supreme Court . . . without a quorum and without holding a valid election . . . .” ER 366, 405-06. DOI invalidated holdover council Defendants’ purported acts to appoint Dodge as “Chief Judge,” to terminate the Court of Appeals, and to “establish an alternative” Supreme Court, explaining: “Any actions taken by the Tribal Council after March including so-called tribal court actions and orders, and not valid for purposes of Federal services and funding.”

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