Sunday, September 20, 2015

KING FREEMAN: I AM Pala Band of Mission Indians! DENTON's LAW FIRM & BIA Director's Niece Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo May Cause Harm to Come to Me

King Freeman, former chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians, prior to the destruction of lives caused by current chairman, Robert Smith,  wants it to be known that he is not a member of the Agua Caliente Tribe of Cupeño Indians of the Pala Reservation, but he is only a member of the Pala Band of Mission Indians.
Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo
Attorney and Niece of BIA
Director Amy Dutschke

Here is the TEXT of the letter sent to the DENTON's LAW FIRM of San Francisco, where Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo practices law. He claims to be defamed by Setshwaelo.  We wrote about this letter referenced below: Purported Attorney for Pala and NIECE of BIA's AMY Dutschke...

My name is King Freeman and I am an enrolled member of the Pala Band of Mission Indians.  I recently received a copy of a letter dated 1 September, 2015 from your office addressed to Andrew W. Twietmeyer, Attorney for the Agua Caliente Tribe of Cupeño Indians.  The letter was apparently written and signed by Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo, Senior Managing Associate of your Firm.
On page 4 of this letter, Ms. Dutschke states that I am a member of the Agua Caliente Tribe.  I must start by informing you that I am not enrolled nor have I applied for enrollment in any tribe or band other than the tribe I am presently enrolled in PBMI.
In the footnote of the Sara Dutschke letter, she states that I claim membership in another tribe.  In reading paragraph two of page 4 of your associate’s letter she outlines possible ramifications for an individual possessing dual enrollment status.  I have served for twenty plus years as chairman or vice-chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians and I understand the sacredness and confidentiality of a tribe or band’s enrollment information.  Given the seriousness of your associates claim I feel I must demand copies of the document or documents that Sara Dutschke referenced that caused her to conclude that I am an enrolled member of a tribe other than the Pala Band of Mission Indians.
Ms. Dutschke’s letter has the potential of causing me serious harm and I have yet to consult with an attorney on this matter but would like to give you opportunity to respond before taking any sanction against Ms. Dutschke and your law firm.  I believe a letter to me and to the Pala Band of Mission Indians correcting the record and an apology from your law firm is appropriate.
King J. Freeman
Cc:       Amy Dutschke, Pacific Regional Office, Bureau of Indian Affairs
            Kevin Washburn, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Indian Affairs
            Superintendent, Southern California Agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs
            Robert Smith
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