Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Native Opinion PODCAST Discusses Trump's Dishonoring The Navajo Code Talkers, and Media Shortcomings

Our friends at NATIVE OPINION, Dr. David GreyOwl and Michael Kickingbear  have a podcast up which includes the insults from President Donald Trump, and the culturally insensitive ruination of an event to honor our Navajo Code Talkers we posted about last week. Included in the discussion:

WHY DIDN'T MAINSTREAM MEDIA COVER THE SPEECH of the Navajo Code Talkers President?  They couldn't honor the code talkers, either?

You Can listen HERE.

In this episode of Native Opinion, our discussion includes our deconstruction of Trumps most recent insult of Indian country…his use of the word “Pocahontas”.

Also, why didn’t mainstream media cover the speech of the president of the Navajo Code Talkers?

We fix that by playing what they wouldn’t. We look at the veterans who went to Standing Rock one year later. 


Anonymous said...

So sick of those that find anything to call insulting. I’m full native and the term “red skins” and “Pocahontas” does NOT offend me in the slightest, Pocahontas was referring to Warren who lied about her heritage for benefit. The Code Talkers were very happy with President Trump, THEY LITERALLY SAID THEY WERE! Stop entertaining the effing cry baby, race baiting bullshit. Those on that Podcast need to shut their pieholes and find something of real substance to talk about that helps the future of native injustices(REAL INJUSTICES). Look at the promises Trump is seeing through. If you’re against Trump then you’re against the betterment of our country which is sad.

White Buffalo said...

Seems to me there is a lot of polarization on the subject of trump. That said CNN and MSMBC covered it. Personally I thought it was was insensitive as this was a day to give recognition to these honored citizens. In his official capacity the president is supposed to represent all Americans without personal bias. That is to insure one side or another does not have their feelings slighted accidentally. If he wants to bash someone then fine he is allowed his personal opinion but keep it private as this was not the place to say what he did. As you see his remarks lead to a needless argument he could have avoided if he would have kept his mouth shut. I see he did it again with his latest statement about some $h&*t hole countries. if that is not racial based then what is.