Friday, April 14, 2017

Dr. David Wilkins New Book DISMEMBERED is Available on AMAZON and GOOGLE: Disenrollment Analysis Please Buy and Read

Our friend Dr. David Wilkins has his book DISMEMBERED out for sale.

While the number of federally recognized Native nations in the United States are increasing, the population figures for existing tribal nations are declining. This depopulation is not being perpetrated by the federal government, but by Native governments that are banishing, denying, or disenrolling Native citizens at an unprecedented rate. Since the 1990s, tribal belonging has become more of a privilege than a sacred right. Political and legal dismemberment has become a national phenomenon with nearly eighty Native nations, in at least twenty states, terminating the rights of indigenous citizens.

I was THRILLED to be mentioned in the acknowledgements, along with our friends Cathy Cory of Chukchansi and Mark and Carla Maslin, who is from the Redding Rancheria.  And Gene and Alice Langton-Sloan, who are subject of a post from this morning are also included.


Hammock said...

A much deserved noted mention to the most determined souls I am so fortunate to call Friend.

Anonymous said...

Good job Rick. Don't give up as long as there is injustice in Indian Country. Being Native IS a sacred right, disenrolling tribes don't know what it means to be native. It's something you cannot take.

Disenrolling Indians don't be defined by your tribal councils, it's not who you are.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rick, it is an honor that you deserve. AHO!