Thursday, October 20, 2016

SAY NO to DONALD TRUMP and Say NO to HILLARY, No Criminal in OUR White House

I sidestep into politics and updating this post from March,  now after 3 debates, the first won by Hillary, the 2nd Trump by a nose and the 3rd a tie, I'm:   #NEVERHILLARY, #NEVERTRUMP

Comments are OPEN, feel free to add your voice, either way. If WE can't discuss politics...what good are politicians?

I  say "in the White House" facetiously, because there's NO WAY a man like Donald Trump will win. (pass the crow fork, please..I misunderestimated the anti establishment fervor )


I can't believe that America can believe that this horrible person, Donald Trump is the person for them. He is a threat to all that's decent and he's NOT a conservative.

Just yesterday, at a rally, he asked a young woman, "ARE YOU FROM MEXICO?"  Like it's a bad thing.  I'm not from Mexico, but my great grandfather was, and he was here 50 year before Trump's MOTHER.

His plan to build a wall is fine, but WHY isn't he talking about arresting and perp walking employers who hire illegals? It's ILLEGAL to hire Illegals and going after one side is like arresting the JOHNS, but NOT the hookers.

Even a despicable person like Hillary Clinton, who has Holly Macarro as her Native American advisor can beat him, according to polls.  JUST BECAUSE I may use #crookedHillary doesn't make me PRO-Trump, Hillary still hates gays, failed in Libya, lied to us about her email server, and will profit from the presidency, her team has low opinions of blacks, Latinos.  
Hillary Clinton images
cartoon by BRANCO

JUST SAY NO to Trump who simply is not up to the task in my opinion. I have worked with CEO's of BILLION DOLLAR companies, and the comparision between Trump and them is....staggering.   

JUST SAY NO  to Hillary Clinton who is a criminal and a pathological liar, QUALIFIED, but UNFIT for our highest office. She takes donation from corrupt tribes, and really, you CANNOT believe she gives a crap about anyone whose last name isn't CLINTON ... She is two faced as they come and completely untrustworthy.... 

I will use MY vote for President on the LIBERTARIAN candidate, so my disgust for both Democrat and Republican is registered.  The (L) candidate won't win, the most votes ever received is about 1.3 million.  So let's TOP that number, so BOTH parties will know what we think of them.

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