Sunday, July 24, 2016

Enterprise Rancheria RESTORES 25 Disenrolled Members to Rightful Place in Tribe; UPDATE: ANCESTORS RESTORED, Reportedly

Congratulations to the Enterprise Rancheria for finding it in their hearts to DO THE RIGHT THING.  It's not difficult.

Thirteen years after disenrolling 73 tribal members, in a move that was orchestrated and illegal in 2003,  the Tribe sent letters of appeal for potential membership in the tribe.  25 disenrolled members applied for reinstatement.

Each member was individually interviewed by the General Council.  A VOTE of the tribe was taken and ALL 25 were returned to the tribe.

Many of our disenrolled,  chose not to appeal to return to the tribe.  Mainly because the same tribal leaders who orchestrated theirr disenrollment are still in leadership positions. 

Still to be determined:  Elders that have passed since disenrollment could receive their memberships back posthumously.  UPDATE: It has been reported that those who have passed HAVE been restored to the tribe.

Let's hope this HUGE step in both ATONEMENT and RECONCILIATIONS will inspire other tribes to do right by their people.  Honor the ancestors and bring ALL THE PEOPLE HOME.

Congratulations to the Enterprise Rancheria, for restoring HONOR and Dignity to their people

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