Friday, September 29, 2017


UPDATED to add statement from the videos creator below for clarification, PLEASE, watch and share, and if you are RINCON, you MUST show up to vote and and be heard...

A 20 minute video from the RINCON people on recreating their base roll of membership giving an enrollment committee too much power and this enrollment committee is NOT applying the same rules for everyone.

The is an OPPOSITION to lifting the moratorium on membership.  Lifting the moratorium to these people, bringing more people in "would NOT benefit the Rincon band.

At 16 minute park, an argument on the Census rolls being incorrect. I agree, we SAW Pechanga's enrollment committee member FALSIFIED those documents while employed at the BIA.

The 11 minute mark brings in the other side's voice.  "All native blood should be accepted".  The enrollment committee is incorrect and can't change it.   VOTE NO on the moratorium.

Pechanga installed a moratorium to "correct the membership rolls" It's been 20 years.   Do you believe they can't do this?

DO you REALLY believe it's about "correcting the rolls" at Pechanga or about keeping their piece of the pie? At Rincon, the difference is the tribe is trying to put in a NO CHANGE rule, where the decisions of the enrollment committee cannot be challenged.

From video creator Robert Suarez:

We're not trying to stop people from coming in, we just want the base roll to have the same rules to apply to everyone.
They let a group use the census rolls that don't have blood degree and didn't apply it to everyone.
Members blood went up some went down but census rolls don't have a blood degree. Also they are very inaccurate the further you go back.

We just want fair play, but also they're including on the same ballot that no one can be questioned again, your right to ask questions and challenge their decisions would be gone.


Unknown said...

The bigger issue: are morituims constitutional? Re: The Indian Civil Rights Act ICRA discussed in posting dated Sept 22 2017

Anonymous said...

"Blood degree" is Native genocide.

Other minorities must be laughing at Natives & their "requirement to possess blood degrees".

Anonymous said...

If Trumps tax plan goes through, the Casinos are going to be hit by the fact that he is cancelling the write off for wins/ loss in gambling. EVERY win over $1,200 will be considered income and taxed. Good luck with all that new building!! Watch more people get kicked out of the tribe when gambling spending goes way down because of the new taxation.....if it goes through.

OPechanga said...

There should be NO write offs for gambling losses....that's entertainment....

Anonymous said...

Like stocks, you write off wins vs losses. It's income. Many people try to gamble professionally. Im not arguing the merits of gambling, just stating an opinion. I Believe that it will hurt the Casinos if write offs are removed.