Thursday, September 14, 2017

StopTribal Disenrollment Movement HAS Successes: Share THESE STORIES

Paulina Hunter
Original Pechanga Indian
Still Disenrolled, but her descendants still fight

We focus so much on the horror of TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT in the past decade +, the sometimes we forget about the SUCCESSES that have happened.

Injustices can be righted as evidenced in these tribal actions below and with leaders of the movement like attorney Gabe Galanda , Marilyn Vann and Dr. David Wilkins:

Cherokee Freedmen

The black descendants of the slaves the Cherokee dragged on the TRAIL OF TEARS won justice with their TREATY RIGHTS being enforced in court.  HUGE WIN for JUSTICE and ended disenrollments with new members being enrolled as of this writing.

Enterprise Rancheria

Thirteen years after disenrolling 73 tribal members, in a move that was orchestrated and illegal in 2003,  the Tribe sent letters of appeal for potential membership in the tribe.  25 disenrolled members applied for reinstatement.Each member was individually interviewed by the General Council.  A VOTE of the tribe was taken and ALL 25 were returned to the tribe.

Robinson Rancheria

Chairman Eddie Crandell Sr., who once had been disqualified from running for council by the disgraceful Tracy are a TRUE LEADER in Indian Country by bringing your people home!

Grand Ronde Tribe
The Grand Ronde community followed the sage advice fromTribal Council lead attorney ROB GREENE on the Chief Tumulth descendants decision:

COMPLY with the ruling of the APPELLATE COURT.  The descendant were restored to their rightful place in the community.


Members of the Snoqualmie tribe voted overwhelmingly Saturday to reinstate all nine tribal members banished after an election dispute.

The nine, including several elders, waited five hours outside the longhouse in Monroe at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds wrapped in blankets, and sending in pizza for members deliberating their fate far into the night.

Finally, after 10 p.m., — nearly 12 hours after the meeting started — the banished were invited inside the longhouse, and back in the tribe amid cheers, said Carolyn Lubenau, one of the reinstated.


An honorable mention only, as they have ended SOME disenrollment, but have NOT restored ALL members to their rightful place.  There is stll hope.

And LOOK what can happen with the shame of disenrollments being EXPOSED.  Some tribes like SPOKANE and Graton Rancheria want NO Part of it.

I am PROUD of my decade of involvement in exposing these matters, in bringing more people to the fight, in getting the word out, join the fight with us.


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Anonymous said...

Graton is against disenrollment because chairman Greg Sarris is not Native.

marilyn said...

thanks for the update; I didn't know that they had reversed any disenrollments at enterprise Rancheria. this shows that no one can give up hope or stop working to END TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT