Saturday, October 7, 2017

BIA DIRECTOR's NIECE, WHO REPRESENTED PALA A DISENROLLING Tribe will Speak At California Indian Law Association Conference: SHAMEFUL

There will be a segment at the upcoming CALIFORNIA INDIAN LAW ASSOCIATION meeting on TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT.  The segment looks like it's shaping up to be a HOW TO Disenroll with 2 of 3 panelists on the ...PRO disenrollment side.

Tribal Disenrollment and Exclusions: A Discussion of Tribal Interests 
Moderator: Christina Snider, CILA Vice President
Eddie Crandell - Tribal Chairman, Robinson Rancheria of Pomo Indians The LONE panelist who brought HONOR back to Indian Country, by bringing his disenrolled people HOME..
Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo - Counsel, Dentons LLP
Frank Lawrence - The Law Office of Frank Lawrence (LOSER in Cosentino v. Pechanga, ALSO a disenrolling tribe)

We wrote about BIA DIRECTOR AMY DUTSCHKE'S niece Sara, who tried some threatening tactics while 'representing" the Pala Band of Mission Indians. Former tribal chairman of Pala King Freeman was concerned for his LIFE.

Other speakers include ANNA KIMBER, who represented the Jamul Indian Village who BEAT and evicted some of their people.  And Loretta TUELL, who was VERY upset that Osama bin Laden was given the codename GERONIMO, but silent on the abuses of 11,000 Native Americans.

October 13th at
Thunder Valley Casino Resort
1200 Athens Ave, Lincoln, California 95648

NO WORD on whether SHOWERS will be provided to reduce the slime.


Anonymous said...

it becomes more and more apparent that the indian community only cares about the monies that they derive from indian gaming and native people as a whole don't care about the plight of the people who have been wrongfully terminated. it's like "as long as you don't mess with my money, then its okay," right? i guess money truly is the root of evil or at least the root of anyone giving a rats ass. so, go on with your bad self sara fucking douche-bag shit-swallow, enjoy reaping the benefits of your laurels being a bad ass respectable honored attorney, speaking for the like minded individuals that you present, trampling on the lives of people who will probably never again be accepted as part of the indian community and will forever by ostracized by and set apart. we can't beat you and the likes of you, you have won and i hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor. yes, the billions of dollars that you represent wins. its funny, though, at one point, i wonder if you ever in your mind ever feel guilt for how you and your auntie have raped native people of their rightful place as natives. of course, you will rationalize the hell out of ever feeling any guilt, just like the rest of those who stand by silently. i'm done.

Anonymous said...

Of course they are having this function at ThunderValley, near Sacramento, so Amy and her kin can be there. Right when they want their Casino in Elk Grove. Isn't Thunder Valley one of the first to have problems where Howard Dickstein was their lawyer and lavishly spending their monies? And pretty sure he also made sure that Amy not only became the Regional Director, but got a membership in the United Auburn Tribe and was receiving per-capita? These people are all connected and he probably sits in the background receiving multi-milliuns while advising them on what to do to take advantage of true tribal members and to utterly destroy the lives of thousands of them without worry of being caught and punished.

Outside looking in said...

It's kind of funny that with all the corruption on the Reservations
through out Indian Country that no one has killed any of the sources that are causing all the trouble.
Why are these evil doers still sitting at the throne and kicking real Native American people out of their Tribes and getting away with it.
What the hell is wrong with Congress.
These people have rights so why doesn't anyone care.
Just like the Chairman at the Pala Reservation, Robert Smith.
Why is he still walking around and ordering people off the Reservation
and disenrolling True Tribal Members.
Why has NO ONE shot this little man or at least beat the living shit out of him and his counter partner Nieto.
That's only two people against how many Tribal Members?
So him the force and take him out as well as Nieto.
With these two out of the EC your monthly per capita would go way up
almost double of what you receive now, and it would also more than likely bring back your bonuses that were taken away.
The way people are talking on the outside of the Reservation is that if the people living in Pala are not happy then they should act on it and make it right.
Bring back the people that were kicked out of the Tribe and you would have a stronger backing to take the needed action against Smith and Nieto.

Anonymous said...

Friday the 13th will be the day of there slime event...I noticed even there names sound like grime. Amys niece must of learned some grimy tactics from her mother...Lol. Thunder valley's 5 % of the gamblers are hookers tbe other 5 are johns..The attorneys of tbe state capital dwell in the center watching the prospects future clients gamble and recycle tbere life savings and tbere misstresses ...Did i mentioned the secret room where some of B.I.A. old farts gather behind there wives acknowledgement? ..

Unknown said...

We are our forefathers, the first 21st century forefathers, enacting an ICRA (Indian Civil Rights Act) is our legacy.

Chairman Greg Sarris raped me of my duly elected office, raped every voting member of our tribe of their vote, raped every council member for years and years. There is no cure, no pill, no treatment protocol for abusers like Sarris. Until Sarris is held accountable for his crimes every tribal member lives in fear it could happen to them. This is his legacy.

Lezlie Grigone
Tribal Elder
Graton Rancheria