Thursday, October 5, 2017

Indian Country Today, Owned by Civil Rights Abusing ONEIDA Nations, Donates Operation to Civil Rights Abuse Ignoring NCAI

Wonderful news!  Oh, wait.  Word is out that the Oneida Nation, which bulldozed the chairman's own family's homes (under his orders) will donate their assets of Indian Country TODAY to the National Congress of American Indians which studiously and repeatedly IGNORES the issue of tribal disenrollment.  

Can we even HOPE to see stories on the abuse of Indians....BY INDIANS?    Wonder if the new owners will report on the TAMMY MAHONEY investigation?

The defunct Indian Country Today Media Network will remain in Indian Country's hands thanks to the Oneida Nation.

The tribe is donating the assets of the operation to the National Congress of American Indians, the largest inter-tribal organization in the United States. The development breathes new life into the media outlet, which announced an indefinite "hiatus" barely a month ago.

“NCAI’s executive officers and I are humbled by this donation from ICTMN and the Oneida Indian Nation,” NCAI President Brian Cladoosby said in a press release on Wednesday. “Their love for Indian Country carries through their every word and has inspired our tribal communities to tell their own stories. This is an immense responsibility; NCAI will approach this responsibility thoughtfully and deliberately with an eye towards strengthening Indian Country’s voice.”

Tim Giago, a legendary journalist from the Oglala Sioux Tribe, started the operation in 1981 as a weekly newspaper in South Dakota called The Lakota Times.


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