Monday, October 23, 2017

Picayune Rancheria Make Changes to Council, HEADS ROLL

I'm told it was a pretty eventful night at Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians' monthly tribal council meeting. 

After the seating of new council members Jennifer Ruiz, who is now the new PRCI tribal chair, Eugene Lewis vice chair, and Claudia Gonzales, this new mix of council voted to remove long time tribal council member and OPBlog's Hall of Shame member Morris Reid. Reid soundly lost the election in October, but in a rather suspect tribal council move was allowed to resign last week and then be reappointed for another year term replacing sanctioned council member Patrick Hammond 

The general council had spoken loudly and clearly with their vote that REID was not their choice. Hammond's removal is now on the new council's agenda for review....we shall see if this much needed transparency continues. Restoring the honor of this corrupt tribe is a long road.

WHO ELSE is on Chukchansi's chopping block?  An attorney perhaps?


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Anonymous said...

Who in the hell is this above poster?
They need to get their own blog.
This is supposed to be for the people that have been wronged by corruption from bad leaders.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, I think its a droid.

Anonymous said...

A droid by corrupt leaders for distractions from the real truth.
Fuck you assholes.