Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Bob Kelly
The Nooksack tribal election was just announced and there’s already accusations of impropriety.
Chairman Bob Kelly appointed the sister of a council member running for reelection to oversee the vote.  WHAT COULD GO WRONG?  We can TRUST THEM, right?
The Seattle Times reports that councilmember is a Kelly ally.  It's like putting Chelsea Clinton in charge of a recount for Hillary right?
Kelly says in a small tribe, it’s almost impossible to find someone not related to at least one of the candidates.   Why not find one related to the NOOKSACK 306?  Or ONE FROM EACH.
Some disenrolled members of the Nooksack 306 worry the election will be rigged.  As, most everything has been RIGGED AGAINST them, including the tribe FIRING JUDGES who didn't rule the way the tribe expected.
The federal government could send an election observer if requested.
By agreeing to the vote, the tribe gets its federal funding back and can reopen its Northwood Casino.  
The Washington-based tribe had been denied access to an estimated $14 million in federal funds amid a long-running dispute over election and enrollment matters. 
The faction can't represent the "Nooksack Indian Tribe," Judge John C. Coughenor concluded, because it is not recognized by the Department of the Interior. Although the agency's stance took shape during the final year of the Obama era, the new administration has dug in with a remarkably harsh view of the "unelected, unrecognized, and illegitimate" group.


Justice for Bob Foreman said...

All these tribes that disenroll their own are cowards who choose fear over love. Its cowardly but that's how they choose to live there lives. They continue to choose whats temporary in this world, MONEY. They bring shame upon themselves and upon the tribe for the evil they've done but I ask all the natives going through this struggle to pray for all these corrupt so called tribal leaders. Pray they turn from their evil ways, pray they turn their hearts and minds away from corruption greed and money. Know and believe JUSTICE always comes through our Saviour Yeshua. They can never stop that from happening. I ask to Pray for them.

WeRone said...


Reinstatement_Restitution said...

The word fraudulent comes to mind.

And why is it not a crime to alter federal documents upon which benefits decisions are based?

Anonymous said...

Money talks and bullshit walks.