Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Native American Heritage Month : THE PERFECT Time to RESTORE the Citizenship to Disenrolled Native Americans

This month-long holiday is a time to celebrate rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories and to pay homage to the important and numerous contributions of Native American people throughout the centuries.

Left unsaid is the issue of over 11,000 Native Americans who suffered the abuse of tribal disenrollment, moratoriums and banishment  at the hand of their own tribes.  This holiday month presents the PERFECT opportunity for tribes to restore their people to their rightful place in the tribe, to bring all the people home.

We have been writing this blog for over a decade. That's much too long for tribal people to be out in the wilderness and for too many young Native Americans to be born without their rightful heritage.

Each picture on my left sidebar tells a different story, there are also numerous links to tribal stories of their heritage and rights ripped by corrupt councils. the RIGHT THING this month, advocate for JUSTICE

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chaplaw said...

Margarita Britten, 4/4 Cupa, passed on in 1924. After challenge to her blood quantum by Pala tribal members, BIA Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs ruled in 1987 she was full blood Cupa. Tribe failed to appeal that AS-IA decision anywhere. Then, Robert Smith and cronies reduce her blood quantum without any evidence or proof. BIA Area Director merely said "we recommend her blood be put back to 4/4". BIA let Smith throw its 1987 full blood decision in the trash can.