Monday, May 15, 2017

Bureau of Indian Affairs Pulling OKEY DOKE on FOIA Requests Says Researcher Emilio Reyes

Friend to this blog, and MANY Native Americans looking for information on their ancestry, EMILIO REYES is reporting

For over 5 years I've done extensive research on the archives of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. From the National Archives to public libraries, to online collections, to BIA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

After discovering Non-Natives have occupied the San Pasqual reservation since 1909 and exposing historical errors to the Office of the DOI, Secretary of the Interior, the BIA has refused to be compliant under 43 CFR. The California BIA Regional FOIA coordinator, Douglas Garcia, has made almost imposible to complete any of my FOIA requests.
Emilio Reyes

From claiming fee waivers "do not" meet the required guidelines, to "forgetting" to process requests in a timely manner, to claiming such records don't exist even though I have copies of the original records, to redacting information even when death records are being provided, which will not compromise any information under the Privacy Act.

Furthermore, at least 15 FOIA appeals are sitting in the Office of the Solicitor's office unresponded.
If you've experienced a similar problem with BIA or have a concern regarding FOIA requests that have been submitted to any agency within the Department of the Interior, He'd be interested to know, you can leave your information in  the comments.  Emilio will be escalating his appeals in the court level and will be working with a local senator to request an investigation, an internal audit of BIA records, and possibly changes and/or amendments on FOIA guidelines.

Maybe the new Secretary of the Interior, will take a look at the okey doke, the shuffling of papers while claiming they can't find anything...will end.
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