Monday, May 21, 2012

Rebutting Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro's Weak Response To KCBS Report

Hunter cousin A’amokat watched the KCBS Investigative Report last night and he has a response for Mark Macarro. I am hearing that there will be a few more responses for Mr. Macarro
Pechanga tribal chairman Mark Macarro said in response to the KCBS investigative report, “Casino Tribe Outcasts” that aired 5/15/12, the following, “Though deeply painful for our tribe and the people affected, this correction was necessary to protect the integrity of the tribal government, our culture and our history,”

Deeply painful for you sir? After all, when two large extended families were disenrolled, which is losing their citizenship in their nation and is not being kicked out of some club, you and the rest of the tribe got a raise in your per capita profit share from the casino of about 25 percent because we were about 25 percent of the tribe.

Answer me this sir, will you have drain your resources in your old age to take care of a handicapped child because you lost your health insurance like a Hunter family elder has to now do?

Protect the integrity of the tribal government sir?
So how does allowing the very people to vote on our disenrollment case while serving on the enrollment committee who had accused our families of not being legitimate tribal members in the first place and who also were very close relatives of people who submitted statements against our membership protect the integrity of the tribal government and how is it not malice or prejudice against us? After all, the band’s constitution and bylaws is supposed to protect individual members from malice or prejudice against them.

Especially when those same enrollment committee members, the final votes on the committee against us, said, “it doesn’t matter what you turn in you are getting disenrolled anyway.” OP: That was presented as evidence during appeal

Also, how does it protect the integrity of the tribal government when you don’t follow your own tribal constitution and bylaws which require you to enforce and uphold duly passed laws such as when the people, the final authority in all matters of tribal government, voted in 2005 to outlaw disenrollments?
The new law stated that all people who were in the tribe at that time in 2005 would remain tribal members but you and your council ignored the wishes of the people by allowing us, the Hunters, to be disenrolled in 2006 in violation of the new law.

Article V of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians constitution and bylaws, sometimes referred to as the Pechanga Band of Mission Indians, says the following:


The problem in tribes such as Pechanga is if they don’t follow their own constitutions and bylaws and duly passed laws, who can make them do so?

Finally sir, protect the culture and history of our tribe?
It isn’t our culture to turn our backs on our own people by rewriting history to, retroactively, exclude people who have always been historically part of the tribe!


Anonymous said...

Integrity of the tribal government". Really Mark? Out casting two huge voting blocks, about 25% of the general membership is what form of Integrity? Ignoring elders written and recorded oral depositions, some taken and translated from our native tongue is what form of integrity? Sending out rangers to Indians who live on the reservation threatening banishment if they use the reservation in any form other than going from the entrance to there home on their allotted land held in trust since the inception of the reservation 1882, what form of integrity? Corrupt liars hiding behind sovereignty to belittle tribal members voices, what form of integrity is this? Allowing a council member who is adopted in the indian way according to custom and tradition, while sending out a letter to the membership saying that they do not have the right to decide membership issues? Where is the integrity Mark? If lying is integrity, that would explain why stealing $50 million dollars is looked at as acceptable. You need to get the Indian way figured out buddy. You have no integrity at all.

Anonymous said...

Our families "Band" have a historical story of an eviction from the Temecula area. Its to some the beginning of the "Pechanga People". Mark and fellow council members prepare a statement saying to "Protect the Integrity of the tribe" for news piece that aired last night. Is it integrity to send out a posse of rangers door to door on the reservation threatening banishment to allotted families who live under distress and are only allowed to use "tribal roads" to and from home. Not allowed to use recreation areas, or government centers? Mark, your form of integrity is pitiful, and our elders who suffered the 1875 eviction would be appalled at what is happening right now. God help us!

Anonymous said...

The true fact Mark. You will sit in judgement someday! Allowing thieves to stay in the band, allowing threats to be made and carried out. Letting Indians suffer under the assumption, that they will be able to "get a job" and move on. Allowing million dollar recreation centers and facilities to be off limits to allotted Indians and used by "Tribal membership only". Integrity? how deep is it?

stand your ground said...

SO... Mark Macarro, in order to preserve the culture and history of your tribe you must first eliminate the true Pechanga descendants, then you must give all your corrupt clones important positions, because they assisted you in your scheme to oust the Real Pechanga Descendants.
Your new title should be
Mark Macarro the Liar, corrupt and dishonorable Chairman of the Pechanga Tribe.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how nothig was said about the moratorium people, oh I forgot this a dis-enrollment web site Maybe it's ment it's meant to be

OPechanga said...

The moratorium was discussed on camera, and we pointed out where the Tosobol land was. We were on camera for 1 1/2 hours and we got 2 minutes coverage.

MAKE your own news. What do you want said? I've had a link to moratorium people for YEARS? Do you check it EVERY day? Do you have all your family Google Pechanga Moratorium to come to the blog? No? WHY NOT? That would put those search words higher on Google, more people would see it.

QUIT WHINING. This is MY site, I do the work, I make the contacts, I gave your information to the reporter. If she chose not to call you, that is NOT our fault. I have given you an OPEN invitation to contribute. The last thing you sent me (at MY request) was the banishment form. (Oh, I did put in the domestic violence issue, which had NOTHING to do with moratorium or disenrollment).

Give me something I can USE.

Remember, our family member stood up for YOUR RIGHT TO BELONG, as did John Gomez because it was the RIGHT THING TO DO. And we all are suffering with you... Don't you EVER forget that.

Anonymous said...

Integrity, of course, if Mark didn't disenroll the Hunters and Manuela Mirandas he would never keep his position in the tribe. He disnrolls before every election, if he didn't he would not still be chairman. Notice he said hold up the integrity of the "government" NOT the tribe, he considers himself the government and He's the only one he's concerned about. That's the integrity he's talking about. What the tribe wants is nothing to do with what he wants.

Anonymous said...

If he wasn't chairman, he wouldn't have been able to hire his wife's lobbying firm without going through the tribe.
A quarter million a year.

White Buffalo said...

I have to agree with all of the post made.

You Marc are a puppet on strings who has no feelings other than those of self-interest, ego- satisfaction and hatred. One day my friend I will have the last say, and you will receive the same loving treatment you shown to the decedents of Pablo Apis who was the recognized leader of our tribe.

You have proven to be manipulative and a bold face lier. We know this for there is a paper trail that documents all of your public statements, and testimony with all of your private statements that you made when you and your masters colluded against us.

Your judgment will be made by your own hand.

I have not forgotten the threats you made toward my family. Not once did you ever have the courage to face me directly.

Remember when I went to see you at the government center. What’s her name that used to work there said that you were in.

Well I know she called you, because by the time that I made it up stairs you and your secretary were nowhere in sight. You may not know this but I did go in your office to have a look-see, but there was no Marc just a comfy looking chair.

You know we Apis did make a mistake, we believed that your corruption and that of my grandfather’s first cousin Francis M. was not all that deep. I and everyone now knows you are lost. There will be a time and place when I come see you.

Anonymous said...

Mark and many others are going to prison for a long, long, long time.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I hear the per cap at Pechanga has gone way down to 15 thousand a month....what do you bet it's going to go down even lower?....

Anonymous said...

fifteen thousand is alot to me i'd be happy with five thousand, unless your greedy

Anonymous said...

True...but most of those Pechanga casino Indians got used to the $25,000 a month so I'm sure the loss bugs them...they will probably have to kick out another family or two to get the money back

smokeybear said...

As "Ricky Recardo" would say: "Macarro" you have some "Splaining to do!" We await your "Demise! And all this: "You have brought on yourself." You can't "Plunder and Steal," at will, without "Consequences!"...
.."Eagle Eyes."