Thursday, May 17, 2012

Opinion: Should Fresno State Accept Money From a Civil and Human Rights Abusing Tribe, Picayune Rancheria?

Here is my opinion piece in the Sierra Star News

The Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians recently announced it would give $1 million to Fresno State's Department of Linguistics. At first glance, it may seem like a good thing for all involved, but a closer look tells a different tale.

Let's look at Chukchansi's issues :

Chukchansi defaulted on its casino note in November 2011, looking to restructure the loan. They couldn't pay their bill, yet have a spare million to give to Fresno State?

Last September Chukchansi disenrolled 87-year-old Ruby Cordero, a fluent Chukchansi language speaker, as reported in the Sierra Star. Chukchansi wants to preserve their language, yet sheds an elder like used tissue.

Chukchansi has violated 75% of the culture they hope to preserve, by sending their elders into the cold, stealing their per capita payments and canceling their heating stipends. Is that where the $1 million came from, turning off the heat for their elders? Shame on them.

Fresno State's Dean of Arts and Humanities says: "We are deeply honored to support the efforts of the Chukchansi people to revitalize and preserve their unique and historically significant language."

Would Fresno State have accepted money from The Republic of South Africa during their apartheid period? There is apartheid being practiced at the Picayune Rancheria. Fresno State should loudly and publicly proclaim that they will not accept any money from Chukchansi while they segregate their people.

The time has come for our politicians and our schools to use their powers of moral persuasion to encourage tribes like Chukchansi, and in my own case, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians from down south, to act like proper sovereign nations and not take the easy "but they are sovereign" way out. We stood up to South Africa, we should do the same to Chukchansi.



leonard93644 said...

THANK YOU!! Jeez, at least someone is paying attention! That casino likes to throw money at local civil organizations and schools so they look magnanimous and no one will say a word for fear of losing the donation- in fact, theres been some allegations of threats to withhold the money if a group didnt vote this way or that- they apparently donated money to the local COC and then told them to tear up the check because they wouldnt vote against another tribes casino application. Doesnt anyone else hate this fucking casino? Cant we start a group? Theyre not good for our community. They are toxic! Btw, i am not Native American, but i have lived here 42 years, and grew up with some of these guys... And believe me, theyve changed. Money and greed changed them.

Anonymous said...

For what its worth: All that has been shared by all speaks understanding of what is in the world of gaming. All that has brewed from the passing of prop's have made higher authority to place restrictions on all Tribes and membership unaware of the small print that has brought forth the socall AUDIT of our people and strip us of our heritage and ownership of who we truly our in the place we call society. And yet we hesitate to make our stand to stop the wrongs that have been layed upon us as individuals. What does that say about self. A group of Tribalship is very much needed to correct thee wrongs and merge as true Indian People of our culture. Why do we hesitate????? A proposal of a quartly meeting will be held on 30th of june in fresno. Or,an election possible on 9th of June. Who will speak out for our people and protect the children of new generations. WILL YOU???? WILL BIA???? WILL thee old COUNCIL or Rightfull COUNCIL???? Who will speak TRUTH??? Who will Stretch thee TRUTH?????

Anonymous said...

They sat Karen Wynn and Tracy Brechbuel on Tribal Council on Monday. Also sat Dustin Graham on the Enrollment Committee and he said he would take good care of it. Sure now wait and see how long it takes them to get the numbers down.

Anonymous said...

Dustin Graham is a punk and has been in prison why was he hired really.And tracys just there for the money the rest of us are all screwed we have people like this running the council everyone of them CORRUPT!!!

Anonymous said...

Dusting Graham stole from the Tribe, motorcycles and only God knows what else. Tracy was not qualified in July, why is she all of a sudden qualified now. She also has many ethics violations against her one for telling other Tribal Membership that Tribal Council member Sam Lawhon had a stink penis. That's who they chose to Represent the Tribe, shameful. Karen Wynn grew up in Arizona, nobody knew her. All of a sudden poof here she is Chukchansi. Her children and grand children were enrolled in 2007 when she was Tribal Administer and on the Enrollment Committee, Enrollment was supposed to be closed. The Corruption is endless with these people, because BIA let's this stuff happen. It seems the only thing that will stop it is if we get hurt or killed.

Anonymous said...

there is a meeting I hear on June 30th at chukchansi park tribal members r to get money if they go how much not sure but I bet there will be media and protesters for that.