Friday, May 4, 2012

SHAMEFUL: Madera County Turns a Blind Eye to Chukchansi Human Rights Violations and Gladly Takes Their Money.

Representatives of the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians appeared before the Madera County Board of Supervisors Tuesday to announce the county-wide recipients of nearly $1 million in community grants.

Nancy Ayala, tribal vice chair and Jennifer Stanley, tribal secretary, told the supervisors that 101 grant applications were submitted this year. The 101 submitted grant requests totaled $7.4 million

Take a look at the organizations that gladly accept money from an entity that destroys their elders, ruins the futures of their young, violates their constitution

Other Mountain Area organizations receiving grants included:
Camarena Health Medical Building, Oakhurst: $66,000.
Coarsegold Community Center for repair and improvement: $28,000.
Camp Oakhurst for second year of mentoring program: $24,000.
North Fork Studio Turtoring Center: $24,000.
Madera County Film Commission: $15,000.

Additional grants went to:
Madera Sunrise Rotary Park: $80,000.
Chowchilla Elementary School: $69,000.
Madera Holly Family Soup Kitchen: $60,000.   Maybe some Chukchansi people can eat there!!
Fresno SLS Foundation: $46,000.

Chowchilla Fair: $40,000.
Madera Community Hospital: $40,000.
Madera County Sheriff's Office: $38,000.    Nice sheriff!  Doesn't even pay the costs of their last "event"
Madera County Food Bank: $36,000.

Madera American Legion: $28,000.
Chowchilla Fire Department: $27,000.    They didn't help put out the burninng log?
Madera Animal Shelter: $24,000.
Alview Dairyland Elementary School: $24,000.
James Monroe Children's Museum: $24,000.
Liberty High School: $24,000.
Madera Toys for Tots: $24,000.

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Anonymous said...

If Chukchansi doesn't have money to PAY THEIR BILLS, how can they give away $1 MILLION?

Is this from the money they saved not providing heat for their elders?

Anonymous said...

Same as "Blood diamonds" that the ruthless dictators get out on the international market to sell so the millions can be used to enslave, torture, rape and kill their fellow humans. "Blood Indian gaming money." Gov. Brown was given $200,000+ by California Tribal Business Alliance of which Pala is a member for a state tax initiative Brown is pushing with CA voters. Gov. Brown, now that you have accepted "Indian gaming blood money" how do you feel . . . get close to the microphone please. Dickstein controls the TRibal Business Alliance, Robert Smith and Doug Elmets. Elmet's office is in the same building where Gov. Brown has his penthouse pad. So the disenrolled blood $$ don't have to drip that far to get them all dirty. Let's all see them get close to the microphone and hear their position on Indian Civil Rights. Dan Lungren too. What about the Gov's tax initiative when the voters find out it is supported by Indian gaming blood money from Pala, where a evil ruthless scum hides like a coward behind Indian sovereighty and the U.S. Congress let him do it! The unjustified killing of the souls of tribal members at Pala is not the actions of a sovereign but the actions of a cruel dictatorship that any ruthless dictator in the world would admire. Speak out and sign the petition to the Whitehouse NOW!

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

picayune is REQUIRED to fund projects totaling a million dollars every year for a subscribed number of years due to losing a tax case to madera county...

chukchansi gold resort and casino was NOT on trust land when built, and was not placed in trust until a result, madera county filed a tax case in federal court as the land was INDEED taxable, and the case was only settled when picayune finally agreed to mitigate taxes owed by funding grant projects each year to the tune of a million dollars...

the decision by nigc to even approve the land on which chukchansi gold resort and casino is built as "indian land" was/is VERY controversial...AND interesting due to the interconnection of first nigc commissioner harold monteau and his eventual relationship with picayune as partner in the firm which provided legal council to the picayune tribal government...

i'm CERTAIN that the picayune tribal government would prefer to not pay a dime to ANY organization if given the choice...however, they are REQUIRED to do so because of the federal tax case...