Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A'amokat Speaks the Truth About the Hunter Family of Pechanga. Original Pechanga People.

Readers, we get a commenter who breezes in and tries to spin the same web of lies that were told to get the Hunter family disenerolled. Our cousin A'amokat spell out the truth.


Briefly, as I have gone into detail many times on this subject on other threads on this blog, here is some of the proof that we the Hunters are Pechanga:

The original written enrollment application from 1978 had a supplment sheet that came with it that listed ways a person could prove tribal membership.

Among the proof was being an original land allottee, having recognized tribal members vouch that the applicant is Pechanga, having someone in the tribe from their line of desecent vouch for the applicant, or being a lineal descendant of a Temecula Indian.

1. Our ancestor Paulina Hunter was given a land patent from the U.S. goverment as a Temecula Indian for allotment #62 which we still own and many of our family members still live on. OP: 20 acres, which was for head of the family.

2. Testimony during probate hearings in 1915 in which Pechanga elders Dolores Tortuga and Jose David Rodriguez confirmed in notarize testimony that we are Pechanga and not only did our family live on the original resevation of the 1800s (backed up by the census records), that we lived in the Temecula Indian village before the creation of the reservation. OP: This sworn testimony was given in the LUISENO language. Not in English, the language of the Temecula/Pechanga people.

3. Before the first written application we got notarized testimony from non other than noted tribal historian Antonio Ashman, called a vaunted (much praised) elder on Pechanga's official Website, who said he knew Paulina Hunter as a member of the Band. OP: HE KNEW HER, as he was 24 years old when Paulina passed away.

So tribal hack, probably from the Masiel/Basquez family, are you still laughing at our proof or are you still laughing that you think we can't do anything about it. OP: The Masiel/Basquez family have a well known criminal element that is now four generations long.

Well pride comes before a fall and believe it or not I will feel bad for you when it
does come.

OP: Your continued support of this blog will help all of us who are in the moratorium or have been disenrolled. Please continue to read us, to share on Facebook and MySpace and to tell your friends.
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