Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sample Boycott Letter for Pechanga

IF you were disturbed by what you heard on KCBS/KCAL9 regarding tribal disenrollment, here is a sample letter you can use. This one is for Pechanga, but you can get PALA information and submit that.  They won't know why you aren't coming back if you don't tell them

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians

PO BOX 1477
Temecula, CA 92593
Fax: 951- 695-1778

Dear Pechanga Council,

I was appalled at the story presented by Cristy Fajardo on KCBS this week.

As a concerned citizen, I will not support a tribal nation that profits from the abuse of its citizens. After learning more about tribal disenrollment, paper genocide and the apartheid practiced on your reservation, I can’t in good conscience continue to spend my dollars at your casino or hotel.

Your tribe’s violations of human and civil rights are abhorrent and reminiscent of the actions of South Africa .

I refuse to support your actions and will actively work to get more of my friends and family to do the same. While I can support sovereignty, I can’t believe sovereignty was designed to help protect a nation of abusers.

Until you change your ways, from putting elders into the street and onto the backs of taxpayers, you will not get my business. I will be writing my representative asking that they look into enforcing the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968.

Restore honor and dignity to your tribe, and your business should improve.



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Lets Do this.

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Whatever! And you believe that?

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This viral screed lacks factual material. It functions by way of innuendo, accusation, and assertion, with the aim of hurting innocent others. It misleads as well, by falsely claiming an injustice where none exists. Further, these non-members hark to the Indian Civil Rights Act as if it does or could address their plight, to right a wrong and then restore them to their former status. The ICRA does not apply here; hence, this result will never happen. Please know, Dear Reader, the non-members continue in their bitterness toward Pechanga for removing them from the tribal roll for their failure to prove their tribal membership when challenged to do so. The internal Pechanga tribal government decision to remove the non-members became final several years ago. This decision will never change. Finally, on other occasions, these non-members wave an old U.S. Government document giving Pechanga Indian Reservation trust land to the ancestor of these non-members. Please know that even so, the Pechanga tribal membership criteria has never included land ownership on the reservation. The land document the non-members tout has no bearing on Pechanga tribal membership, and never will, either. Pechanga has sent these non-members on their way, and one day they will go away. Meanwhile, let us hope for their sake these non-members moderate their bitterness, and find the sunshine as good, ordinary Americans.

Anonymous said...

9:23, Very odd how only certain families of Pechanga had to prove their bloodline (and they did!)and others did not. Did they put up some sort of political threat? Of course these tyrannical leaders of these tribes will never back down from their thrones, they would have to admit these expulsions weren't about blood and/or lineage. At both Pala and Pechanga, leaders wanted certain tribal branches out for greed, hatred, and a political edge. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see through a screen door. We would never be talking about disenrollment if it wasn't about money, and the BIA would not have tolerated such acts, if it were not about money. Since the leaders of the tribes essentially own the BIA, money talks, and the BIA doesn't.

9:23, If this happened to you and your family (disenrolled), I bet your reservation you would absolutely be fighting back! If you didn't fight back, what kind of Indian/family person are you?!

So as the wrongfully expelled attempt to 'moderate their bitterness' through a Civil Rights amendment, why dont you get back behind the curtain, if you are not there already, and stroke the wizard so you don't get zapped yourself!

Again, had you been disenrolled/stripped of your heritage without due process, without a reason or warning, and you felt strongly that you had facts to prove you belonged, what would you do?

Maybe you can give some empathetic (since this has happened to Indians throughout history) advice to the disenrolled as no one wants to "hurt innocent others." Please tell me you are not referring to smith and macarro when you say "innocent others." If you are, then God have mercy on your soul.

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Exactly what i was looking for, thanks for Sample Letters

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