Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Open Letter to Pala Chairman Robert Smith and the Pala Tribal Council

Dear Chairman Smith and Pala Council,

As you know, KCBS will be broadcasting a story on your tribe's disenrollment, and the disenrollments happening in California's Indian Gaming country.

Because of your harmful actions in stripping the tribal citizenship from 15% of Pala people, you all have brought shame to your tribe, and you've made Pechanga think they look better.

Your actions are broadcast over our blog: http://originalpechanga.com or if you don't trust the link, simply Google Original Pechanga's Blog to find them. The comments are high on some of the Pala posts:


All deal with Pala's disenrollment. This link to NCTIMES article should be checked multiple times per day to let the NCTIMES know there is interest in the story.


The Department of Justice, Department of Interior, House of Representatives and BIA are regular visitors of our blog. You will not come off well in the interview, as what you have done, virtually copying what Mark Macarro of Pechanga and his crew have done, is reprehensible.

Your actions have sparked a resurgence of interest in disenrollments and you have helped fuel the desire for justice that has waned with time. I will thank you all for bringing more people to our fight, even though it's disgraceful how it came about.

I'm thinking you can only hope that the upcoming indictments at Pechanga will take some notice from you all. At this point your shameful acts of disenrollment will stand on its own.


Anonymous said...

Call them OUT!

They deserve NO respect.

Anonymous said...

Close down the casino until they are all brought down! I'm sure they will be crying around without their per-capita!! Check everyone's family 1928 rolls!

Anonymous said...

That is all everyone wants then they will be happy. But YOU will still be OUSTED,!!!! HA , that won't change a thinng.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they will show the tampered with documentation? You know the one that says 4/4....hmmmm It would show proof that she was actually less than 4/4, which means the Tribal Council was well within their rights to disenroll the people who should have never been enrolled in the first place. I think some investigating should be done as to who exactly changed this, and if they are still alive charge them with fraud, tampering with Federal documents, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

?????? 1:33 pm.What do you mean?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:33 PM, your facts are backwards. The original document was tampered with and there was a pen and ink change that marked her down from 4/4 to 1/2. The Articles of Association state that the 1913 Allotment Rolls is our base roll. Mr. HA (Anonymous 12:00) will never change it back because he would be exposed for his lies, his schemes, the man is a pathelogical liar. There are so many lies that smith tells, he doesn't even know the truth if it bit in his fat a@@! Why do you think he is going to so much trouble to hurt the people he was was elected to serve? He only serves himself and his KKKronies. So, "Shape", a-ha, ha, ha, and a ho, ho,ho back to you!

Anonymous said...

1913 there was no listed blood quantum , so why was MB the only one listed with a blood quantum? RIDDLE ME THIS,!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1913 there was no listed blood quantum , so why was MB the only one listed with a blood quantum? RIDDLE ME THIS,!!!

May 15, 2012 3:10 PM

This is true. I called Washington D.C. and asked.

Justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

Anonymous 5:29. I have tried to copy and paste the jpg file I have of the original 1913 allotment roll that was approved by the secretary of interior to prove to you that MB was 4/4( it does have blood quantum on it) but it would not copy and paste. I will work in it more tomorrow to try and get it so you can see that someone (RS, EC) is not telling you the truth. Then we will see what comments you have.

Anonymous said...


I have a photocopy of the 1913 Allotment list with all the allottee's blood quantum on it, and I know that MB was listed as 4/4. In fact, I have no doubt that she was full blooded.

I think I just mistyped what I meant.

'aamokat said...

Robert Smith should have learned from Mark Macarro, Chairman at Pechanga, and not have gone on camera as he showed how he is hiding behind sovereignty by saying he didn't have to show any documents because of sovereignty.

These guys put their foot in their mouths when they try to speak publically about the issues as, really, all they have is the sovereignty card.

Ironic that they will be the ones who hurt sovereignty for everyone by abusing it.

Dennis G. Chappabitty said...

I can state as fact that the "Pala Allotment Roll Approved by the Secretary of Interior November 3, 1913" has a "Degree Indian Blood" as one of the headers. Margarita Britten as described as "4/4" degree Indian blood. Wasn't that document briefly shown on the CBS story?

Anonymous said...

Yes it was.