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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Who WIl Defend Snoqualmie from Non-Indians.

Debora sends a second letter to the Snoqualmie people. She's an attorney who's been threatened for speaking out. What first amendment? My Relations and friends, I can’t take it any more. I am angry, tired, and sad. I am representing a group of Snoqualmie tribal people who can no longer let non-Indians run their Tribe and casino. The attacks are now directed at me. I have not received any money. All of my work is pro bono because I am sick and tired of watching these people hurt the Tribe. I am blessed that William Kastner and my co-workers are behind this effort. I will send you all supporting documents soon. I thought this predatory behavior somewhat ended in Indian Country. Please help me and the Snoqualmie people bring these despicable acts to Indian brother’s country. . I need your help. This destruction has occurred in secrecy. No more I am all in and I am asking you to share this information ....I will send you more I need my Indian brothers and sisters to stand with the Snoqualmie people. This situation needs the bright light of the Creator to shine. For the first time in my life, and as an attorney I am being attacked and threatened. I welcome Sunday, I need you. The People need you to know about and witness this historic event. I am all in. I am done with this crap. ... I could no longer live with myself and stand by and watch my Brother and Sisters ....and Respected Elders be treated this way anymore. Win, lose, or draw .. I know I made the right decision Please share and come help us Sunday. Documents on their way Yours, Debora Nah Too Yii M'sStitukie Holy Mountain Woman


United we stand. said...

I hope the best for you and your people Deborah. When we all fight together against the corrupt we are one voice. When we try to stand alone we are a silent voice. We at pala are making as much noise as possible. We will not stop till our voice is heard. My family and I were put in our position by corruption. And greed. Not by legitimate reasons. And they want us to roll over and take it. I say one thing. You back a dog in a corner and he will fight. This dog is in fight mode.

Anonymous said...

What can we do to help others? How can we all come together to help eachother, make our voices heard? I wish I could help, I know how it feels to want help and no answer especially from Madera County.

nickey said...

the group that fights corruption at chukchansi is very interested in your plight. we as california natives need to gather and make our voices heard loud and clear. It's not over at chukchansi! we need help as much as all the other tribes caught in this BAD STORM in california. We need to gather and talk.

United we stand said...

I agree. I think we should try and set up some kind of picnic for all the wronged in one place. As many voices as possible. If we could get the numbers to show up for a good old fashion cook out and rally we could possibly get nationwide press coverage. I say we try and get o p to see if he can get a sign up for a date some time this summer and try and get a consensus on a meeting place and date nailed down and see what kind of response as to the number of people and different tribal members to join in this picnic. What do you all think?

Anonymous said...

The Snoqualmie9 better step up and protect that lawyer (debora).

It sucks when you only got just a few people to show up at court to support your cause.