Sunday, May 13, 2012

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Mother's are STILL fighting for their rights in Indian Gaming Country

Happy Mother's Day to all our reader's who have raised children. I know my mother would be proud that we are still fighting for our rights and are exposing the corruption of tribes that have disenrolled many mothers, leaving them to struggle, while others gain at their childrens expense. From Pechanga, we have had family member's, mother's watch as tribal rangers physically removed their children from the tribal schools. At Robinson Rancheria, we've seen mothers lose their homes, the place where they raised their children, due to corrupt government. At Redding Rancheria, we've seen their council for a family to dig up their mother's GRAVE for DNA, yet not accept their 99.85% proof of lineage. We've seen many mother's walk a protest line for their children, and unfortunately, we've seen other, greedy mother's, like Ruth Masiel, Tracey Avila, Jennie Miranda, Dora Jones, Frances Miranda put other mother's in the street or on the state to help keep their kids healthy... THANK YOU MOTHERS, for staying in the fight.


White Buffalo said...

Yep, could not have said it better OP, Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers. We stand strong when we all stand together.

nickey said...

I'm a fighting mother Thanks for the recognition.