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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Corrupt Chukchansi Fills Council Seats of Morris Reid and Dora Jones, Removing Them From Council

I'm putting the BULLSHIT money quote up top so you can see what crap the Chukchansi Tribal Council spews:

"We hope that our neighboring communities understand the complexities of a sovereign nation and the democratic process," wrote the group led by Lewis in a prepared statement. "As a sovereign nation, we have to take tribal membership and the leadership of the tribe very seriously. The actions of the tribal council are according to our laws and regulations and essential to ensuring the historical integrity of our membership."

OP:  Bear in mind that Chuckchansi has been pressuring the "neighboring communities to side with them against North Fork Rancheria.    
If they as a sovereign nation took membership OR leadership seriously, they wouldn't have terminated 70% of their citizens, and they would have accepted the tribes decision to seat Reid and Jones.   And they wouldn't have had to pay people to come vote.
The actions of their council CAN'T be according to the laws and regs because some people would be out.

Chukchansi tribal members Karen Wynn and Tracey Brechbuehl were appointed to fill the council seats of Morris Reid and Dora Jones during a meeting held May 17 at the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians.
The appointments were made after Reid and Jones were removed from council earlier this month for "neglect of duty" and "gross misconduct," according to the group led by Reggie Lewis, tribal council chairman seated at the Rancheria.
"They removed us, but they never sat us," Jones said, a winner of the Dec. 3 election whose swear-in for the new term, along with the other three winners, was not recognized by the Lewis group. "My question would be, 'How do they appoint someone to serve the remainder of my term then? ... Because there was such controversy over this election (Dec. 3), why wouldn't you put it back out to the tribal membership (to decide who will serve on council)?"
Of the 11 candidates that ran for four seats in the Dec. 3 election, Wynn and Brechbuehl were among the bottom vote-getters. Brechbuehl received 86 votes and Wynn got 110, far behind the winners: Reid (276 votes), Jones (262), Harold Hammond (228) and Dixie Jackson (175). These four winners, who have not been allowed to be seated at the rancheria, are against recent tribal disenrollments led by the Lewis group.
In 2008, Wynn and Brechbuehl were removed from the tribe's enrollment committee for ethics and enrollment ordinance violations, according to removal letters sent to them after tribal council hearings, signed by Reid, tribal council chairman at the time, and Joe Alberta, former tribal council secretary.
According to the removal letters, Brechbuehl's violations included inappropriate conversation involving sexuality with employees of the tribal enrollment department during work and sharing inappropriate pictures with employees of the enrollment department; collecting a stipend for meetings of the enrollment committee in which she was the only committee member present and permitting non-committee staff access to confidential enrollment information.
Wynn's violations included "participating in enrollment committee votes concerning the enrollment status of immediate family members," "falsifying enrollment records of family members" and placing enrollment files "without open disclosure and decisions on the record by the enrollment committee."
In 2008, both were barred for two years from holding a leadership position with the tribe and not allowed to attend tribal meetings for one year.
Last year, an appointment was also made to a fill a seat won in the 2010 election by Patrick Hammond, who was removed shortly after winning and replaced by appointee Nokomis Hernandez.
Although Reid and Jones have been holding separate meetings with the other Dec. 3 winners, they were "removed" from council because the group led by Lewis believed the council in place prior to the Dec. 3 election -- which included Reid and Jones -- should remain seated until a new election could be held for Hammond's contested seat -- won March 10 by Lewis.
Chance Alberta, who lost the Dec. 3 and March 10 election, has remained as treasurer and head of Chukchansi Inc.

The fate of the seat won Dec. 3 by Jackson, who was not on council during the prior term, remains in question.   OP:  Uh, it's almost JUNE, how STUPID is the Chuckchansi council?


nickey said...

The Lewis council dug on the bottom of the trash can to get Karen W. and Tracy B. And can anyone explain what the hell Chance A. is doing on council when he has lost 2 elections. We also now have Dustin G. in enrollment. He has the dis-enrollment knife in his hands now. He will slaughter the tribe in no time at all. It's Dustin's dream to get us all. No one is safe!

Anonymous said...

Time to re-occupy...

Anonymous said...

time to occupy let's do it I'm in for the long haul

smokeybear said...

Yah, you definitely need to do something. Lewis isn't about to do what's right and you need to "Make Him." He lost the election, but won't leave because he knowa that "No One Will Make Him!" That is "Sick" in "No Certain Terms!" I agree that you need to "Re-Occupy," that's a given. But you need to get a little "More Creative." Work at it! Get someone in the "Media" that is willing to go the "Extra Mile," and "Occupy With You." There should be one out there that is willing to tell it "Like It Is," and not back down when the "Going Gets Tough?" That is if there is still a "Reporter that's worth his "Salt?" HE will need to "Document everything," and if possible, have a link to show, in real time, all the things that "Lewis and his Henchmen" are going to throw at you, and he will! It's not going to be easy, "Remember Your Last Outing?" You need to "Plan a little "Better" this time around, and I would do my best to keep "Lewis" from knowing what is going to happen. You know it's going to get "Dirty," just from what happened last time, and, again, someone may get hurt again. But if you can keep it on "Camera" the whole time, it may lessen the "Violence" that you know will be brought to bear. Just a thought...."Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

I hear another wave of disenrollments on the way holy shit.

smokeybear said...

We also now have Dustin G. in enrollment. He has the dis-enrollment knife in his hands now.

Nickey, who is this latest "Protaginist," and why, now, does he pose a new threat to you all? Is this something that "Butt-Snipe Lewis" has cooked up to "Destroy" more "Legal Decendants" without cause, or do process? Go and read my post above, and you need to be "Creative" as I explained above. But you need a lot more people then before. A lot more, willing to sacrifice for the good of all...."Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

Me too, we can even occupy the BIA. All the Natives should get together at one time and occupy the BIA office until they do something about these Corrupt Tribal Council's.

Anonymous said...

All Native families who want to be involved should Occupy the BIA office. Don't leave until something is done.

smokeybear said...

I admire your, I guess...."Hood-pah," but realize the the B.I.A. is a "Government Entity," and as such would bring the full weight of the "Interior Dpt." up too and including the "National Guard." Great Idea, do any of you have the "Moxy" for this "Brazen Endeavor?" And this little adventure could get quite "Interesting" to say the least. Oh, I must admit that the "Exposure" would bring every news agency to this "Joyous Event," you couldn't keep them away. But, know this: "You would get your "Media Exposure" nation wide, "Big Time!" If getting the "Truth" to be heard in a "Big Way" this would do it. But you have got to know that the "Government" hasn't been that receptive to the "Outcrys" of "Native American Indians" that have had their "Birthright and Heritage" stripped from them by these "Corrupt and Criminal Tribal Leaders" using "Sovereignty" to "Destroy" what use to be "Right and Just" in "Indian Country" before "Casino's," and the "Greed and Self Interest" became common practice for these "Treasonous, Parasite, Tribal Leaders with the backing of the "Government(Indian Affairs) with every "Illegal Corrupt Act," and their refusal to act responably in fixing what is "Destroying Indian Country" from within our own "Tribes" for nothing more then "In-sah-able Appetite" for $$$ at the expence of the "True Leneal Decendants," at the hands of these "Criminal Trible Leaders."...."Eagle Eyes."

stand your ground said...

Good advice, what Smokeybear said May 27.
If you get just one reporter to go along and film for the public to see it all, then OCCUPY the damn office. What's important is that the film crew is there with you.

Anonymous said...

How do we organize this? How is going to take charge? Wont occupying the BIA office bring legal action against us?

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
How do we organize this? How is going to take charge? Wont occupying the BIA office bring legal action against us?

All good questions, but start talking about all the "Important Stuff" that you will need while "Occupying." You will need an "Agenda." First you will need a lot of your "Brother Indians," and those that are sympothetic to your cause, to stand tall with you. For a spokesmen? Morris Reed is the logical person to speak for you. He won the election and should now be the one in charge. Reach out to other "Tribes," for their input would be "Invalueable." Contact "Occupy L.A., and find out how they do it without "Major Reprecussions." They got away with it for quite along time. But the "Most Important" aspect of all this is having all your "Ducks In A Row." that is you have to have "In-rah-fuit-able Evidence," and a lot of it. That shouldn't be too hard, there are tons of it out there. Now the biggest obstical is the "Media?" You'll need a reporter that will stand with you when the going gets tough, and keep the "Cameras Running." You'll need signs, pickets, and bull horns of course. Now the food and drink aspect? There are companies out there that sell survival food and water. That's where you go so they won't starve you out. Now what is going to be your biggest worry: "The Cost!" See how the "Occupy L.A. organizers do it? When you get it all together, then go in and "Stand Your Ground"..."Cameras Blazing." That is the basic "Blueprint." It won't be "Easy," and it will not be "Peacefull." maybe on you end, but not on theirs. Could also be another "Wounded Knee!" If you choose this avenue, I say "Good Luck," but be "Creative," and plan it "Well, Really Well."...."Eagle Eyes."

smokeybear said...

Question: On your last attempt at
Occupying your own buildings on the "Rez," how is it that the Sheriff's Dept. was able to come in and stop you? Doesn't "Sovereignty" hold true and make it so they aren't able to get involved in "Indian Disputes" on the "Rez?" It isn't the "White Mans" problem, at least that is what "Lewis" keeps telling everyone. Then why didn't the Sheriff's Dept. come to your rescue when "Lewis" illegally took over and refused to leave after loosing the election? He is "Occupying" your buildings, and has taken over. Same thing! If you had called them would they have come? Just asking. "Eagle Eye."

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of complaining about the Chukchansi Counsel and that's great but they are small time! Table Mountain Rancheria is still the King. They falsified Federal and State documents to keep many from becoming Tribal members over 25 years ago with the blessing of the BIA. Even if a person is qualified to be a Tribal member that doesn't mean they will be, because that person would still need to be voted into the tribe. One brother in and the other out. Nothing is going to happen to Pechanga or any other tribe with a Casino, sorry you guys are just spinning your wheels!