Sunday, May 6, 2012

Is BLOOD INDIAN Gaming MONEY $imilar to Blood Diamonds?

Expanded Indian Gaming, including Class III (Las Vegas style) slot machines were passed into law by the people because tribes told us it would help all their tribe. Well, how's that working out for the tribal people that have been stripped of their citizenship?

One of our commenters raised some topics for discussion: As "Blood diamonds" that the ruthless dictators get out on the international market to sell so the millions can be used finance a warlord's activity by enslaving their fellow humans, or denying their human rights we now have BLOOD INDIAN GAMING MONEY.

"Blood Indian gaming money asGov. Jerry Brown was given $200,000+ by California Tribal Business Alliance of which Pala is a member for a state tax initiative Brown is pushing with CA voters. Gov. Brown, now that you have accepted "Indian gaming blood money" how do you feel?     GET close to the microphone please.

Howard Dickstein controls the Tribal  Business Alliance, Robert Smith and Doug Elmets. Elmet's office is in the same building where Gov. Brown has his penthouse pad. So the disenrolled blood $$ don't have to drip that far to get them all dirty. Let's all see them get close to the microphone and hear their position on Indian Civil Rights. Dan Lungren too.

What about the Gov's tax initiative when the voters find out it is supported by Indian gaming blood money from Pala, where a evil ruthless scum hides like a coward behind Indian sovereighty and the U.S. Congress let him do it!

The unjustified killing of the souls of tribal members at Pala is not the actions of a sovereign but the actions of a cruel dictatorship that any ruthless dictator in the world would admire. Speak out and sign the petition to the White House    Now!

We will have some letters to send to companies/entities that have accepted BIGM to the detriment of tribal members soon.

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