Thursday, May 17, 2012

Noted Flip-Flopper Pechanga's Mark Macarro Upset that Tavaglione "Flip-Flopped.

POT meet Kettle: From Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro: "Pechanga is in it to kill the project until the end. The only thing that really changed in the voting outcome was Supervisor Tavaglione's position. No one else changed their vote. "We are profoundly disappointed in Supervisor Tavaglione's flip-flop and the certification of this inferior document." This was his comment in regards to Tavaglione's acceptance of an evironmental impact report on the Liberty Quarry issue.

Remember when Macarro lied to Congress?

According to its stated purpose at the time, the tribe wanted to maintain existing cultural resources and native vegetation of cultural significance to tribal life, Silver said. Pechanga asserted in its application that given the "vast occurrence of cultural resources found on the site, no development is proposed." Based on that assurance, the Bureau of Indian affairs concluded in March 2001 that the proposed annexation would not harm the environment. By early 2007, however, the tribe was building a golf course on a portion of the land, Silver said

Mr. Macarro, go pound sand....or rocks...


creeper said...

By disenrolling the true Pechanga Indians and still enforcing a moratorium to keep true Pechanga People out,by that alone HE IS A THIEF.
He lied to Congress and he lied about th Quarry Land, I never heard any one person confirm the "SAGA" about that particular piece of land being "sacred". THAT MAKES HIM A LIAR.

stand your ground said...

Mark Macarro uses words like "sacred" and " sovereign" way to often and too freely to be believed.
He reminds people of the SNAKE OIL sellers of long ago.
He is devious.

Anonymous said...

From the way Macarro speaks it's obvious he is a self conscious, weak, and sad little man who is only trying to build himself up in his own eyes. No use trying to build himself up in anyone else's, because he legacy is cemented in stone in the afore mentioned description. He is what we used to call a, 'detour'. No one wants anything to do with him anymore.