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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why is Neil Derry Attacking a Challenger, When He Should be Running on his Record?

Accused perjurer Neil Derry is pulling out all the stops in his anti-James Ramos ads for San Bernardino County Supervisor.   Is that because he has no record of worth to run on?

Now, he claims that casino money is supporting Ramos, like it's a bad thing, yet he complains in the mailer that Ramos is against reservation shopping in Barstow?

We also noticed that the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians is NOT a contributor to the Ramos campaign?  Why is that?   Is Chairman Macarro jealous that Mr. Ramos is becoming the most prominent Native American politician in the area?    The Pechanga Band has spent lots of money OUT OF STATE, and to politicians that give Macarro awards.   Maybe he's scared the FBI will expand their investigation?

Take a look at Neil Derry's negative campaign flier.

Neil Derry campaign mailer attacking James Ramos


Anonymous said...

Ramos does not need contributors...he can afford to buy the election!

Anonymous said...

Does the county need Neil Derry?

Robert said...

Isn't another way of saying this is that:


Can Derry say the same?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on...everyone knows it's very self serving to tribes if he gets elected...his number one priority will always be San Manuels interest....

Anonymous said...

Tribes are competitors. It's not like Pechanga hopes Morongo and San Manuel succeed.

smokeybear said...

And "Derry's" contributors....ARE?"
Would he like to tell us? Or is he the "Pot," calling the "Kettle Black?" His non-caring for the "Native American" is surly going to be his "Waterloo." It will be his "Downfall!..."Eagle Eyes."