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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trial of Robinson Rancheria Chair Tracey Avila Set For August: Grand Theft Alleged

The preliminary hearing of Robinson Rancheria’s tribal chair – alleged to have embezzled thousands of dollars from another Lake County tribe – has been set for August.

At a hearing last week, an Aug. 1 preliminary hearing date was set for 50-year-old Tracey Avila of Nice, according to Deputy District Attorney Rachel Abelson, the case’s prosecutor.

Avila was arrested last September on a felony charge of grand theft for allegedly taking more than $60,000 from Elem Colony of Clearlake Oaks.

She had worked for Elem as its fiscal officer from February 2006 to September 2008, according to case documents. Elem conducted its own investigation before contacting federal authorities to request assistance.

Case documents showed that the federal investigation ultimately led to Avila’s arrest last year.


Anonymous said...

Jenny Miranda in NEXT! Leader and Spearhead of disenrolling 2 Large Families of the Pechanga Tribe. Over 500 True Tribal Members! She announced to the Tribe at a General Meeting that she sleeps well at night for stealing their membership. Well let's see how well she sleeps on her cot in her prison cell...

smokeybear said...

And how many "Tribes" subscribe too ripping off their "Respective Memberships? It seems to be "Common Practice." Where is the line drawn on how much they can "Steal" before it becomes "Unexceptable?" Or is it when the "Criminal Activities" are so blatant that these "Corrupt Tribal Leaders" throw someone "Under The Bus" so as too cover their own "Criminal A...?" Don't get me wrong, they are all "Criminals" in their own right, but someone has to be the "Scape Goat." Each one of them has their own "Corrupt Acts" that they need to keep hidden, and hence, the "Sacrificial Lamb." And the interesting element of all this: "They're Guilty!" But so are the rest of them. Then the "Coverup" is complete, because no one ever looks past the one that is sacrificed. So back to business as usual, ripping off their respective "Memberships" because they can. It has happened over and over again, time after time. "Sovereignty" has become, what everone knows, to be the sole reason for the "Destruction" of the "Indian" way of life at the hands of these "Treasonous Tribal Leaders" and there quest for how much they can "Steal."...."Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

How can this go trial for stealing 60.000, and that bitch jennie gets away with stealing fifty million?

Anonymous said...

A real tribal council would have charged her and hung her out to dry,
1.rule one protect the gaming compact-thats not happening at pechanga-why criminals have taken over.
2.Why Mark has done nothing or the council- they are all part of it.

Anonymous said...

This is happening all over this Nation, you have Tribal Members in power positions, they feed the others scraps then they all live the good life. Such as certain members have here in Cali buying up personal items, taking trips or buy equipment for their own personal gain. All these things get bought with money from Indian gaming, whether is the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund money, the Per Cap from a casino or BIA grant money its bought with money that was meant for the Tribe and its members not certain members only. But we are the ones that are on the bottom and get to suffer in the mist of all that greed. So then the ones who spend all this money get to go on with nothing happening to them but we the ones that suffer are never to say anything with fear of being dis-enrolled right! Well we all need to stand up for our rights its time for a change. The Government needs to step in stop playing the "its not on our head game". You started this, now fix it! You have corrupt BIA officials, you have people doing favors for others and when gaming started it was to benefit all Tribal Members, to bring us all out of poverty and give us to have the better way of life. But in all reality it gave us more poverty, except those members in power, it is not the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund its certain members Revenue Trust Fund, only certain members get Per Cap and all that matters is the Members in power get money and the BIA Officials get paid whether they or not they cause half of this. The Greed is there that is why so many Members are being dis-enrolled and the government knows this but they turn the other way. They only get involved when one of them is on the chopping block they don't look out for the best interest of any Tribe unless its going to benefit that official. Why even have the BIA to begin with aren't we capable of doing their job. Why is it that every Tribe has a General Council and when they speak up, the BIA says oh its your other committee we need to hear from or the Tribes Corrupt Chairman, really they wouldn't be in that position if it wasn't for the General Council the General Council is the Tribe and they should have the say over any Chairman or committee. But in the end its all of us non powerful members on the bottom suffering and nothing is being done to help us. It is sad!!!!

Luiseno said...

"members on the bottom suffering and nothing is being done to help us. It is sad!!!!"

Sadness is part of the American's life, we have a history of sadness and miser. Take a look at any old pictures of the American Indian when they aren't posing and you will see great sadness in there eyes We have been ripped off, stolen from, rapped and murdered.

I guess all we can do is GET USED TO IT! While others live in the laptop of comfort, at least we can take solace in that we are living the Indian way of life, or at least more like our American Indian ancestors lived, oppressed and taken advantage of.

Luiseno said...

That first part should have read "Sadness is part of the American Indian's way of life"