Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is Neil Derry Jumping the Shark With Accusations About James Ramos?

Accused perjurer Neil Derry has no shame.   YES! That's who we want in office!

We have been totally compliant with the law. I'm confident we did everything correctly," Ramos said, adding that his attorney vets the forms before they are filed to ensure full disclosure. "This is just another way for my opponent to throw something out there to see if anything sticks."

Ramos is vying for the county's 3rd District supervisorial seat held since 2008 by Neil Derry, who says Ramos is subject to the same reporting requirements as everyone else.

"The 700 form is a very clear document, and it states very clearly what needs to be reported," Derry. said. "I think the public deserves to know where politicians derive their income."

Although Ramos reported his income and property after announcing his candidacy for county supervisor, Derry says he never did so in the years he has served on the college district board and other state agency boards or commissions.
In a memo dated April 18 and addressed to Ramos, Fishburn provided her conclusion on the matter. She said there are different filing requirements for each of the positions Ramos holds, which are based on each agency's conflict of interest code.
"In my view, you have completely and correctly filed all of your statements of economic interest over the years for the various positions you hold disclosing all of the interests required to be disclosed for those positions," Fishburn said in the memo.

Derry called Fishburn's conclusion "astounding," and has also called on Ramos to produce his tax returns. Derry said he is willing to do the same.

"This is my opponent hiding behind his attorney and wanting to play by a different set of rules that everyone else has to follow," Derry said.

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