Friday, May 25, 2012

Dear Robert Smith, You Civil Rights Abuser and Failure...From Disenrolled

Members of the disenrolled Pala Tribe, recently seen on the KCBS investigative report "Casino Tribes Outcasts" has written a letter to the current chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians, exposing his falsehoods.

A good way to help, would be to stop going to Pala and tell your friends and neighbors not to go.

Open Letter to Robert Smith

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe what I am reading here.

Anonymous said...

The enrollment staff are the "3rd Riech"

The "Josephiney Syndrome" !
Trying to
legitimized the illegitimate!!

The I am not American Indian, never was and never can be and if, I can't be Indian (Native American) then you can't be indian either!

Anonymous said...

Smith and his henchmen's bag of dirty tricks, deception and lies is getting pretty heavy almost breaking at the seams. When it does break, you will see everyone scrambling around, including lawyers, hoping one of their group does not spill the beans on them. Keep up the pressure Warriors! The cowards who call themselves Pala leaders can't keep the curtains closed and we will see something big break from inside soon. Follow the money trail to places outside of the Pala Rez. Once Smith's inner circle start fighting among themselves, we can sit back and eat our popcorn and watch a good cage fight.

Anonymous said...

Who are his henchmen?

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Anyone that has more information on the Lytton Band Casino deal would be helpful. For those that are unaware, this is one of the investments that was cited in the civil suit brought by the Rumsey Band Rancheria against Howard Dickstein. The suit was settled out of court for $16 million, but that does not alter the fact that after Dickstein was fired by Rumsey Band, a financial audit uncovered an investment scam that defrauded the tribe along with an egregious conflict of interest as well as conspiracy to commit fraud.

The Pala Band and Robert Smith were involved in this scheme at least to this extent. The Tribe invested money at the behest of Howard Dickstein for a percentage of interest in the operation. This Casino (San Pablo Lytton Casino) was to operate Class 2 Slot Machines, that are based on bingo. The patent for class 2 machines belongs to Howard Dickstein and the Pala Band, but somehow it appears that the Pala Band share was converted to Robert Smith.

Wait. It gets worse. Dickstein and his cohort Arlen Opper formed two LLCs, California Indian Gaming Development, and California Indian Gaming Management. These LLCs combined with Rumsey Band, Pala Band, Maloof Gaming, and Turk Management group (yes, owned by Jerry Turk, former Pala Casio Business manager). The structure of the agreement with the Lytton Band was changed, literally shrinking the percentage of interest of Pala, without any compensation, and increasing the percentage of interest of the CIGD, and the CIGM without any increase in their investment.

This restructuring basically meant that the investment value was decreased even though the casino is profitable, and I believe that Robert Smith reported the investment a total loss to the Tribe. Does he continue to pocket money from the slot machine licenses? Did he just change the name of the investor from Pala to Robert Smith with the collusion of Howard Dickstein?

Howard Dickstein was the General Counsel to the Lytton Band, the Rumsey Band, and the Pala Band simultaneously. How could he have possibly cared for the best interests of all three? That is the definition of conflict of interest. All of these parties working together to scam money out of the investments of the Tribes is conspiracy to commit fraud. The restructuring of the investment agreement to shift percentages over to entities that did not pay for them is fraud.

Once again Dickstein avoided legal penalties by settling out of court, but that does not absolve the other parties. Any real evidence beyond these allegations would help to build the case for wrongdoing outside of the protection of sovereign immunity. Get ready to hear some strong denials and accusations of lies should anyone breach the subject with Robert Smith.

Anonymous said...


Any tribe involved, ANY TRIBE MEMBERS, you are rightfully entitled to MORE money than you have been receiving.

It is fine to pay for legal representation and even to pay a modest salary to your elected government representatives. BUT those elected officials and that lawyer should have YOUR best interest in mind when managing YOUR money.

Are you willing to take that kind of loss?

1) It makes your whole tribe look bad.
2) It makes you look naive.
3) You have the RIGHT to VOTE out people who are BAD stewards of YOUR MONEY!

These officials and their lawyer give you just enough not to ask questions but not as much as you are entitled to. Start thinking about it. Start asking questions.

Why be satisfied with their scraps? Don't let them deprive you of what's yours.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable.... Wait, no its not!

Anonymous said...

Weren't Howard Dickstein and his wife named as defendants in a lawsuit yesterday?

"Howard Dickstein, a widely-known but controversial figure within California's Tribal Gambling industry, has been named a defendant in a suit seeking unspecified monetary damages. Also named as defendant is Dickstein's wife, Sacramento-based lobbyist Jeannine English."

Anyone know more about this?

Anonymous said...

Great open letter. All in favor of a name change for robert h. smith to robert f. smith say "I". f, will stand for FAILURE!! For he has indeed failed as a leader, chairman, representative of a proud people, human being, and last but not least, A MAN!
But to his credit, one thing he has been successful at... along and with the help of his indian hating "henchman"/ thief howard dickstien, is helping themselves to possibly well over $100,000,000 of money that belongs / belonged to the pala tribal members. They throw out scraps with a smile, turn and laugh all the way to the offshore bank.
The comment above was right on, people of pala, stop accepting their "scraps" and demand your rightful share. When will enough be enough?.......tic tock, tic tock, tic tock, robert f. smith.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

All I know about the Dickstein/English suit is what can be read on The Leslie Brodie Report:

It looks like a private citizen is accusing Dickstein and English of trying to coverup a scheme by throwing their money around. The Plaintiff claims that his privacy and constitutional rights were egregiously violated. What else is new? Maybe we should all file claims as individuals for similar injury.

At this time there isn't much information so I won't comment on the chance of success. It is a developing story. My fingers are crossed for the Plaintiff though.

In case you didn't know, Jeannine English, wife of Howard Dickstein, is paid by the Pala Band for lobbying. Here is the clincher. Get ready. She serves on the task force for the Political Reform Act of the California Fair Political Practices Commission, as well as on the Board of Governors for the California State Bar Association.

Yet another spider in the tangled web of deceit waiting to suck our blood err, money. It just keeps getting better.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is some interesting information, and how true it is, I am not sure. But one thing for sure is the dissenrollements from pala where done right. There where a lot of people who had friends that knew they where not supposed to be enrolled. They could have asked to be adopted into the tribe or something, since they do have a connection, but they never asked. I think all they had to do was ask, instead mr freeman continues to live on a lie. He knows his faults, and so do the other past leaders that where involved in this issue. IF DISSENROLLMENT WAS DONE TO PAY LAWYERS MORE MONEY, then why wasn't the adopted family's affected? I WOULD BELIEVE THAT IT WAS BECAUSE OF MONEY IF ALL THE ADOPTED FAMILIES WHERE DISSENROLLED. But they weren't , just the1 in question for decades was delt with, and that was the margarita BRITTIAN issue. It has been a question for many many years . There was no father that claimed her.

'aamokat said...

"Wow that is some interesting information, and how true it is, I am not sure. But one thing for sure is the dissenrollements from pala where done right. There where a lot of people who had friends that knew they where not supposed to be enrolled. They could have asked to be adopted into the tribe or something, since they do have a connection, but they never asked. I think all they had to do was ask, instead mr freeman continues to live on a lie. He knows his faults, and so do the other past leaders that where involved in this issue. IF DISSENROLLMENT WAS DONE TO PAY LAWYERS MORE MONEY, then why wasn't the adopted family's affected? I WOULD BELIEVE THAT IT WAS BECAUSE OF MONEY IF ALL THE ADOPTED FAMILIES WHERE DISSENROLLED. But they weren't , just the1 in question for decades was delt with, and that was the margarita BRITTIAN issue. It has been a question for many many years . There was no father that claimed her."

But the BIA said its decision was final in 1989 that the disenrolled's ancestor was a full blooded Pala Indian and the 1913 census, which is supposed to be the base roll for the tribe, states the same thing.

Also, were the disenrolled even told, with concrete evidence presented to them, why they were being disenrolled?

If not, then they didn't get due process.

So how was it done the right way if the accused weren't even showed what the evidence was against them?

In addition, did Chairman Robert Smith or any of the officials who disenrolled them sign any documents back in 1989 that accepted, back then, the findings of the BIA?

If so, were they lying when they signed documents saying the family did meet the requirements when they were enrolled in order to get more money for the tribe from the federal government for having a bigger tribe or are they lying now when they say they don't meet the requirements?

Either way it sounds like they are liars to me.

Anonymous said...



Did you just basically say that if Chairman Smith signed documents implying/stating that the MB descendants were at any time members of Pala after 1989 or being accepted as such, and collected any money from the Federal Government for having a bigger tribe, that basically he (and others on the executive council) were conspiring to commit fraud...defrauding the United States government of funds?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:07am, so the disenrollments were done right? A letter from the then acting tribal secratary to tribal members informing them they are disenrolled, with no chance to submit proof of their blood degree, or worse yet shown what documents robert smith was using to disenroll is ur idea of right? a thing called due process and civil rights, neither were afforded to these tribal members. So I disagree with u, this was done as wrong as "WRONG IS WRONG"
So you know someone who knows someone who has a friend who know's a friend who has a friend of a friend who says they didnt belong?????, can you give us the names of these historians?? Look, margarita was born in the mid 1800's, she died in 1925, there is no body around today who knew this woman, "FACT"... The people who lived in the day, and who knew margarita all said her father was peligrino saubel. All of the children of margarita's half sister merced gave sworn testimony that their mother merced an half aunt margarita had the same father, peligrino saubel. It appears robert smith is trying to use the 1928 california indian judgement roll to disenroll, on these documents,(which the bia determined were also tampered with and said so in a letter in 1985) margarita's name is entered margarita saubel, same as her half sister merced saubel, so all the friends of your friend know not what they are talking about!
You call out mr freeman? A liar? Like the wrote all the historical documents of the 1800's and early 1900's ? Before he was born?? Pay attention to who is being caught in lies everytime he opens his mouth!....robert smith, its one lie after another. And you mention the "other leaders" of the time? Here's a couple of names, robert lavato, and robert smith, in fact smith is the one the b.i.a.'s enrollment specialist sat down and informed of ALL THE FACTS AND EVIDENCE of margarita's blood degree 4/4. And he signed off on it!!
One thing I dont understand about all your friends of the friends of the friends who know her father was "white", and this also goes for robert smith , leroy, dion, and theresa neito... WHAT WAS HIS NAME????? All these present day historians claim "white" , but cant provide his name, history tells us peligrino saubel, you cant tell us nothing

'aamokat said...

If in fact the Britain descendants don't belong, which I don't believe is the case but if this is true, and Smith and company knew about it and enrolled them anyway, then they committed fraud probably to get more money for the tribe from the feds for having a bigger tribe.

On the other hand, if they know for a fact that they really do belong but they now say they don't belong, then they are now lying.

It appears that either way, as I said, they are liars.

Reportedly Smith signed off on the 1989 BIA finding so that speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

As part of the Gina Howard Appeals case supporting documents there is a document concerning Casilda Welmas (Margarita Brittain's daughter). Exhibit 15 is a letter to the Agua Caliente Band of Caluilla Indians at Palm Springs, dated November 15, 1995 that says:

Dear Barbara,

After researching our Tribal Enrollment Records, we show Cayetan & Casilda Welmas each possess 1/2 degree Indian blood as stated in the Pala Allotment Roll of November 3, 1913. Jose, Refina and Miguel Welmas also posses 1/2 degree Indian Blood. I hope this information will be helpful to you.

If you should need any further Information, please contact me at (619)742-8761.

Robert H. Smith
Tribal Chairman

You can review for yourself (copy+paste):

Scroll down to Exhibit 15.

To me, this implies that the Chairman researched "our" (so the Pala Band's own) enrollment records and the "base roll" from 1913 and this is what he conclusively found concerning Margarita Brittain's daughter Casilda.

Anonymous said...

So Mr. Smith, if you signed a document in 1995 stating that Margarita's daughter was 1/2 Indian, which would make Margarita a full blooded Indian, but you are now saying she wasn't a full blooded Indian, are you talking out of both sides of your mouth?

Why the change all of these years later?

Could it be that in 1995 you didn't stand to get a raise in your per capita payments but now you did get a raise?

Restitution_Reinstatement said...

Through the hard work of Willie Pink we have recently found stapled copies of the 1923, 1924, and 1925 census records. On each of these Margarita Brittain is recorded as full blood, and each of her children as half blood. There have been no alterations to these documents since they haven't been opened since being placed in the archives.

But you see Robert Smith is applying a different standard to Margarita Brittain descendents than to any other of the Pala members. He wants us to produce evidence of Margarita Brittain's father. We have done so, but he doesn't like that evidence, because it proves we belong in the tribe, so he rejects it, disregards the BIA decision, and sticks to his phony evidence that was refuted back in 1989 (actually 1985, but who's counting).

As far as asking to be adopted, we qualify by blood degree, and don't need to be adopted. No one said this is about money, although ultimatly I think it has to do with questions being asked about the financial records and information on how the casino revenue is being spent. I honestly think Robert Smith hates the family of Margarita Brittain and this is a personal vendetta. He also seethes at any challenge to his power and authority, and people are asking questions, and accusing him of diverting funds.

Anyone who believes his lies has either been bought, intimidated, or shares his hate for the Brittains. This is stupid. Not to be insulting, but Robert Smith is not too bright, and it takes someone dumber than him to swallow his lies. If you want to be considered stupid, then go ahead, trust Robert Smith. This failure of a leader has managed to steal a lot of money. Of course I don't think it was his smarts that got him the money, but rather sharp lawyers that have made a fortune off of him, and showed him how to divert money to himself.

Original Cupa said...

During Pala's disenrollment process I know of several families who were told that the meetings held to discuss their bloodlines in question were only meant to see how many people knew of their heritage and to see who had pride in their ancestry. I know of several families who were told they had nothing to worry about during and after their meetings after providing information about their families only to be disenrolled several months later with none of their information accounted for during such processes. Call that due process and right if you want but know that eventually Robert Smith, Leroy Miranda, Theresa and Dion will all see the eyes of justice soon enough. Let's see how long it takes for the BIA to step in now that Robert has bit the hand that feeds him.

Anonymous said...

Trust relationships badly broken.

Members can't trust their elected Tribal Councils.

Tribal Council members can't trust each other.

Members can't trust Tribal lawyers (how many times has Howard Dickstein been sued by a tribe he represents? It establishes a pattern.)

BIA can't trust Tribal Councils to do the right thing for their people, causing an outcry for assistance by hurting or displaced members.

Tribal leaders call BIA Officials liars who "talk out of both sides of their mouth."

Also, did anyone else notice in that news video that Chairman Mark Macarro's statement was worded that the change was necessary to protect the "Tribal Government" first, and the rest after it about "Culture and heritage" was meaning the "culture and heritage" of the Tribal government, not the whole tribe?

Anonymous said...

Smith didn't disenroll to give himself a raise. The per cap distributions are barely a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money he has had access to. The recent raises and per caps over the last few years were just at the threshold to keep everyone quiet-when in reality, the tribe was being robbed almost 2/3 of what the should have been getting.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the members don't realize it. I think they should demand a full accounting of the money.

Of course, everyone is say its not about the money.

What if instead of $7,500 a month you were entitled to $15,000 or $20,000 month?

But you don't seem to care that the Ex. Committee and the lawyer spend that extra money on themselves and don't tell you about it.

Nope, you are just so thankful for your "extra" $500 a month you forget to pay attention to things like what you actually should be getting.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Since we have called Robert Smith a failure as a leader, I sometimes wonder what a good leader might do. A good leader would be concerned with creating a community to be proud of, and insuring the future of all. Maybe this good leader would want to beautify the reservation instead of building a motorcycle course. Maybe this good leader would want to live on the reservation with his people instead of in a mansion in Temecula. Maybe this good leader would want to cultivate a spirit of togetherness instead of driving a knife between families. Maybe this good leader would want all the people to participate in Tribal government, and be open and honest about the tribe's financial status. Maybe this good leader would use the revenue that is earmarked for economic development for economic development instead of personal enrichment.

Ask these questions about your leader Pala. Where is the economic development money going? What investments are generating income outside of the casino? That is your money and there could be a day when Tribal gaming is not so popular. Wouldn't it be nice to know that other investments were producing revenue streams that would continue to enrich the tribe long after the current chairman is gone?

Or are you just happy to get the crumbs that fall off of Smith and Dickstein's table, too lazy to find out the truth, too scared to challenge the man who could disenroll you in a heartbeat with no reason at all other than that he doesn't like anyone questioning his decisions.

The future will not be bright if things continue this way.

Anonymous said...

This disenrollment is killing me, not only have I lost anything that I was making payments on but it has divided family. My nephews, nieces,cousins, Aunts, and Uncles are avoiding us because they do not want to be involved. It hurts me to think that my own family is turning their back on me because they are scared to lose their money and because of the intimidation of the Executive Committee. This is no longer hatred on the EC's part but complete eradication. We have given them more than enough evidence which proves our heritage, yet they stand by one piece of paper that has been forged, and the ones we have presented have no markings on them at all. They have other members fooled into believing this same single piece of forged paper over our many, many pages that prove otherwise. It is not right. The EC is destroying the tribe and the members are blinded by their per-capita. It is heartbreaking because I used to think that blood was thicker than water, but the EC has proven that money means more than anything else to the them and to the members that stand by them. This loss for us is stripping us of all earthly goods which is bearable, but it is taking our credit scores so low that it will take years for us to recuperate, just finding a place to live is becoming extremely hard. I cry everyday wondering what did I do wrong. I did not cheat anyone, in fact I voted for those people when it was voting time, thinking that they were going to do good by us, I was wrong. I can't fathom that this dishonesty on the EC's part is able to continue like it was nothing. Theresa Nieto, Dion Perez, Leroy Miranda, and Robert Smith each of you is responsible for this pain and I wish you no harm, just justice.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I wish them no harm, just justice.

anonymous said...

I agree too..No Harm just justice..It is coming..

United we stand said...

Well the writing was on the wall and is why I personally did not vote for a single one of them. But my color coded election ballot didn't get counted anyway. So Shame on anyone who voted for these people. Because if you voted for them then you helped this to happen. I feel awful for the disenrolled for I am also one. But believe me if I live off the Rez and saw this coming. Surely people who were there had to see this. Sickens me. Now we need to all focus on bringing this regime to an end by all and any means necessary. We need to get control of our destiny and take our tribe back. Don't roll over and just let this happen. Fight till there is no fight left. When these people are exposed. Im sure there are gonna be alot of haters that say " oh I had no idea". BUzlLSHIT. Money talks Nd has been talking for some time now.

R said...

For those of you who don't know, the BIA document specialist that worked on the 1989 Asbra/Mills final decision, Elsie Lucero, has provided an affadavit that Dennis Chappabitty filed with the BIA. This affadavit records her statement regarding the evidence that Robert Smith distributed to tribal members justifying the disenrollment. Her comments are quite forceful.

She says that the Enrollment Committee did not use the established principles for document evaluation. They did not weigh evidence, use best evidence, or the preponderence of the evidence to make their decision. In fact she says the evidence they provided can in no way be contrued as definitive or superior to the evidence of the 1989 Final decision.

She says their conclusion is erroneous, and that Margarita Brittain's father is not unknown, but rather has been identified as Pelegrino Ortega, a full blood Cupa Indian, and also the father of Merced Nolasquez. She completely rejects their flawed process and conclusions and states that she would testify in court to that effect.

Take that Pala Enrollment Committee and put it in your pipe and smoke it. Isn't that what you did with all the evidence that tells the truth?

United we stand said...

That is great. Love it. Can't wait to see what spin dckstien I mean smith. Puts up against REAL evidence. I see the ec getting restless. "oh what do we do now mr lawyer?". They have real evidence and we have a fortune cookie fortune as our evidence". What a joke. It's time to do what's right smith. Maybe some will forgive. I assure you I won't. U and your mb hating ec cronies/followers/crooks/embezzlers. Tick tock. The paper walls are getting transparent and soon we will all see the truth. And you all will see the inside of a jail cell. You people need to decide which side of the law you want to align yourself with. The house of cards is crumbling and if you think the real crooks won't sell you out. You have another thing coming. Time to decide before its too late

Justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

It is a shame when your own family members shun you and act badly towards you because they are afraid of losing money especially when they know the truth.. I am sorry you are going through this anonymous. Money changes people and fear of not having it apparently even more. People don't let this crooked, corrupt leader and his EC scare you or intimidate you by not standing behind what you know is true just because you fear you may lose your money. Guess what we lost ours and while it may have put a damper in things in the beginning we have picked ourselves up, realized money is not the mist mportant thing in life and has also made our family closer. What we do now is fight together not with financial resources but with the truth. We write our congressman and senators, get the word out into the public about disenrollments by corrupt greedy leaders. Don not give up stand together with all us us in out fight. Don't be afraid to speak up for your family for your grandmother and for who she was a 4/4 pala Indian. We have the proof in time we will prevail just hang tight and fight hard Robert smith time is coming soon. I sure would not like to be in shoes or any of those helping him ( you know who you are ) ( and so do we) Soon they will be asking themselves was it worth it?

Anonymous said...

all i hear is crying, wah wah wah sob sob sob money this money that. greedy fucks

Justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

Anonymous 1:29
What's right is right what's wrong is wrong as smith said all we are is getting the truth out. We are not the greedy F's as you say it is Robert smith, Dickstein and the EC that are greedy. I'm just guessing but you must be one of them or you are one that has believed their lies. Look at the proof we have presented that they have left out and tell us why we should not put the truth out in public eye?

anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:29 need to get your facts straight..its not all about money as you say..It's about heritage and always feeling like you belonged to the tribe then bam it is pulled out from under you..It literally makes your stomach curl..I am guessing also you are a Smith believer because if you were in this position i hope someone would give you some compassion instead of saying "your greedy". Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

this is anonymous 1:29 again, shame on you fucks that are crying around about your pala heritage and then run to a pechanga blog to air your dirty laundry. and fuck the smiths too their just as greedy as you people. im an outsider looking in and its pretty stupid. all we do is laugh because you guys are like chickens running around with your heads cut off. it aint about heritage and culture taken away from you people. its about money and benefits and all the other good stuff. you people are probably the ones that are related to that crazy kid that runs around with a gun and runs from the cops when he gets caught. pathetic ass people. shows how much heritage and culture you people hold within yourselves. so again i hear is crying, wah wah, sob sob, money this money that!!

Anonymous said...

To "this is anonymous 1:29 again",no one is asking you to read these blogs, so go be miserable and hateful somewhere else. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. You are either one of the Smiths or if you are not an Indian then you cannot judge the heritage. If the President of the US decided that you no longer belonged in the US and told you to take your family and leave within 30 days, you cannot not use the stores or any services at all, you can just use the road to get out and never consider yourself an American, how would that make you feel? And you knew how hard your ancestors worked to come to America and how poor they were, the struggles they went through, but the President called your parents and grandparents and great grand parents liars. If this would not affect you at all, then by all means get out, because we don't need a downgrade like you. We on the other hand know what our families have gone through and this is where we belong, and just because there are bad leaders does not mean that we quit calling ourselves Cupa Indian. Our people did not ask to be put on this reservation, they were forced here and through time they have fought against racism, discrimination, and poverty as a unified tribe and now we, the descendants, are being told that the suffering was all a lie, that our people did not belong even though their bodies lay rest in the Pala cemetery, and we cannot lay beside them now when we pass. And then to celebrate Cupa days or to try to get back the land we once lived on is like a slap in our face, this was our land, these are our people, and you have no right judging what you do not know.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:29 has a point. i agree with you 100%. and who cares if your an outsider they should take the outsiders opinion and really think about how much their making a fool out of themselves. i mean they even went as far as publishing this shit in the news papers and now their blogging about it. i wonder if they can confront people the way they do on this blog. their so defensive about how they were done wrong it sounds sad and all but when your the one actually sitting in the community with these people you simply cant feel sorry for them. many of their family members are very disrespectful and cause so much trouble and they run a muck and cause havoc, they always think they can have their way with the community and do whatever they want. and when they got disenrolled they threatened numerous familys in the community because of their disenrollment, so indeed anonymous 1:29 you do see correctly through these people.

Anonymous said...

Thats true they did show their true colors completely!

Anonymous said...

They say they can't celebrate cupa days? When did they ever. And they should make a disenrollies cemetery for you guys , dag nabit!

Anonymous said...

And that Gina Howard since when did you celebrate cupa days? Did u bring your white friends to choir sing? You never hung around Indians! Get real

Anonymous said...

Again, 11:38, 10:17, 10:20, 12:55, and 1:29 thanks for pointing out that these disenrollments were not about bloodline or lineage, but hatred and prejudice towards "the true colors of these people" FYI--not all of the Brittain descendents are "sitting in the community with you!" EVERYONE can see right through your racist and stereotypical views!

Justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

Anonymous 1:29. It is sad that you are prejudice against everyone for the actions of a few. Not all the disenrolled are causing havoc and running a muck. We peacefully fight for what is right by commenting on op, meeting with congressional members, and other peaceful avenues. It seems to me you are upset we have got the proof needed to plead our case and will prevail. God will forgive you for your ignorance and help you becom
e wise to the truth. I am not a disenrolled but a spouse of one we both work very hard at our jobs and have for the last 20 plus years, we are both educated beyond high school and own a business. We are very involved in our sons school and sports. We do not get in trouble with the law. We are upstanding citizens. My spouse is very proud of his heritage and for someone to judge on A few others actions is offensive to us. My husband is entitled to be enrolled as a member of Pala as those that are still enrolled. He is a decendant of MB and has proven his bloodline.

Anonymous said...

you people on here are nothing but jokes, its pathetic!

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
you people on here are nothing but jokes, its pathetic!

And you know this...."WHY?" You are stuck on "Stupid, with no "Redeaming Qualities!" You can't even expain yourself as to why you think that way. Just "Hate And Discontent" for reasons only your "Feeble Mind" can conjure up. Obviously you have no "Compassion" for the rights of others, and your world has got to be "Dark and Dismall. You try and sit in "Judgement" on a subject you "Certainly Know Nothing About." If this was "Happening" to you, you would be the first one "Crying Foul." So think first before "You Open Mouth and Insert Foot," for your "Poor Upbringing Is Showing!"..."Stupid is, as Stupid Does." We will not "Waver" from our fight for "Justice!" So be advised: "Your Dribble Is Meaningless."..."Eagle Eyea."

Anonymous said...

smokey bear is just another pissed off disenrolled trujillo, get off pechangas blog about your disenrolled family, get over it. Its said and done, quit trying to make it sound worse than it is.

Anonymous said...

It is not over.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:54

Your hatred towards the disenrolled is quite evident and I know you speak for smith and the EC based off your biased "dribble" of sentence fragments. I hope you keep posting on this blog, because the more you "dribble", the more you expose the hate along with the vindictive and manipulative truths of smith and company and how he has inspired you. The disenrolled appreciates your contributions to support their cause!

Anonymous said...

only you would know what dribble is, thats what you disenrollled people do is dribble over something that you lost and can never get back. all the proving and paperwork you people conjure up is as good as toilet paper. so can i borrow a roll?

Anonymous said...

Yes Sir! Just wash your hands.