Tuesday, May 8, 2012

UPDATED: BREAKING NEWS: Evictions Happening At Robinson Rancheria

Reports are coming in that the Robinson Rancheria has brought police in to evict a family from the reservation.

Details are sketchy, we'll have updates when available..

We posted about the accused embezzler Tracey Avila led evictions

The Record Searchlight has the one-sided story: On Tuesday law enforcement officers of the Robinson Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California evicted people who were illegally occupying five tribal homes owned by the tribe located on the Robinson Indian Rancheria Reservation. The Robinson Rancheria Tribal Court ordered the tenants who failed to pay, to move out more than a year ago, but they had refused to leave, according to Tribal Attorney Lester Marston. The tribe's federally-commissioned law enforcement officers began removing the occupants early Tuesday morning. "At first, they (the residents) were not cooperative. A number of the people refused to leave," John Oliveira, Acting Chief of Police of the Robinson Police Department, said. Oliveira led the officers who carried out the eviction orders. "Fortunately, the tribe's law enforcement officers were able to keep everyone calm and convinced them not to do anything rash. We were able to remove all of the occupants and their possessions." In early 2010, the Robinson Rancheria Housing Department filed an eviction action against the then delinquent tenants occupying the homes in the Robinson Rancheria Tribal Court. Accused embezzler Tracey Avila has a comment: The Robinson Rancheria Chairperson, Tracey Avila stated, "The delinquent tenants want people outside the tribe to think that they are victims. Everybody else in this country has to pay rent or make mortgage payments. If this was not tribal housing on tribal land, these people would have been evicted by the Lake County Sheriff pursuant to State Court orders two years ago. But state courts don't have jurisdiction over Indian lands. So the evictions had to be done in Tribal Court." Read the rest of the story


Lynn said...

These families have been residents since the housing was built-back in the 80"s. Unfortunate that Indians are treating their own in such evil, greedy ways. How can they find any pleasure in people screaming and crying as they are forced to leave their homes. Sad day.

Justiceforpaladisenrolled said...

So sad my prayers go out to those who are losing their homes.

smokeybear said...

Question: How can the "Government(Indian Affairs)," in all "Honesty," continue to stand back and allow all these "Shaddy and Illegal Dealings" by "Corrupt and Criminal Tribal Leaders" within the "Framework of: "Sovereignty?" It "Doesn't Wash! I ask you: How can they, even, "Justify their Non-Action?" They can't! But, alas, there must be an "Imaginary Line," even for the "Government" when it comes to how much "Corrupton" can't be overlooked. Now "Pechanga" has, obviously, stepped over this "Imaginary Line" and into the "Frying Pan and then... "Into The Fire," and no amount of "Damage Control" is going to "Cover Their A.." this time around. Their "Indescretions" have got to be too large to "Overlook and Cover-up, even for the "Government" that has backed there every play..."TILL NOW!" This has been going on too long, so lets hide and watch and see if "Pechanga" gets "Nailed!" For the "Government" doesn't care if "Pechanga" cheats it own, just don't cheat the "Government!" They won't stand for that....."Eagle Eyes."

United we stand said...

A way we can force the hand of govt to stop ignoring these issues across the board in Indian country is please everyone sign the petition that was put on this blog. The 150 signatures to get on the white house website has been reached. In order for the president to actually address this issue. We need 25000. We r a long way away. But this petition was put in place to try n stop injustices from happening in Indian country period... Not just to take notice at a certain tribe. It's time to stand up. NOW is that time. Tell your friends family loved ones other tribal members and disenrolled alike. Let's not roll over and cover our heads. Let's stand up in one voice and say. "were done with this crap"!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Message for Erick,

Nice article on the United Nations however number 4. is not correct. The part on Non Indians regarding crimes on Indian land.

Indian tribes cannot charge and put a non Indian through their tribal court system.

Oliphant v. Suquamish Indian Tribe

In August 1973 Mark David Oliphant, a non-Indian living as a permanent resident with the Suquamish Tribe on the Port Madison Indian Reservation in northwest Washington,[2] was arrested and charged by tribal police with assaulting a tribal officer and resisting arrest. Oliphant applied for a writ of habeas corpus in federal court, because he claimed he was not subject to tribal authority because he was not an American Indian. He was not challenging the exercise of criminal jurisdiction by the tribe over non-Indians; he was challenging the existence of this jurisdiction by the tribe.

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Oliphant's appeal, citing the Civil Rights Act of 1968 in their decision. The Supreme Court reversed the decision of the lower courts. The decision stated that Indian tribal courts do not have inherent criminal jurisdiction to try and to punish non-Indians, and hence may not assume such jurisdiction unless specifically authorized to do so by Congress.

Anonymous said...

It would be very ironic if she ended up doing time and someone that was disenrolled by her was in at the same time, or someone that knows someone who was disenrolled by her. Boy would she have to watch her back. That might be the disenrollees next move, when your x-chairman gets arrested then you do to so you can take care of them there, or let someone who is in there know. You never know. It sure would be interesting, not that I think people should go out and commit a crime.