Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome New Readers and Thanks to KCBS 2 for Bringing Tribal Abuse of Their Citizens to Light

Greetings to all viewers of tonight's KCBS 2 Los Angeles  story of tribal disenrollments presented by Cristy Fajardo.

The story primarily concerns Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians and Pala because they are local, but the story is similar throughout California and other states.

Now as a casino customer, should you be concerned?  YES.  Simply put, if casino tribes will CHEAT their own people, can they be trusted NOT to cheat YOU?

For those of you who came here to learn about what's been happening, I've put together some links to articles and websites we've published the past five years. It not complete,but will give you a picture of what has happened.  Please, come back often, share this site with your family and friends and with social media.

First, let's get the "but they are a sovereign nation" meme out of the way.  SO WAS SOUTH AFRICA. They had the right to practice apartheid, just as the US had the right to NOT invest in South Africa, leading the way towards nudging them (moral persuasion) in the proper direction.  Some of what is going on is nothing short of TRIBAL TERRORISM  and tribes are using sovereignty as a club to beat the weak and helpless.

So read on, and click on the links to learn more of the stories.


Mark Macarro declined to be interviewed for this piece. We believe it's because he was afraid of some questions about an FBI investigation into corruption and their former chairwoman. Pechanga has stripped the citizenship from 25% of the tribe, the Apis/Manuela Mirandadescendenta and the Paulina Hunter family and is keeping out 100 more in an unconstitional moratorium…. Pechanga took the word of a child molester over their hired expert, using hearsay to overrule documented evidence. And check out how Pechanga's council violate their OWN Constitution


The Pala Tribe, as you heard tonight just recently terminated 162 members and led to a federal lawsuit The BIA recommended reinstatement but it looks like that isn't going to happen.

Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians

If you thought the first two tribes were bad, they are pikers compared to Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians. They have eliminated 70% of their tribe. They have a Tribal Council Dispute, the BIA is pathetic here, saying they can't intervene The story at Picayune Rancheria got so bad even the New York Times noticed. The Times was 10 years late to the disenrollment issue.

Award winning reporter Carmen George of the Sierra Star News has the storyon tribal elections. Fresno Bee reporter Marc Benjamin has more: on their tribal council dispute    And get this, Chukchansi gave a million to Fresno State to preserve their language, yet disenrolled their Chukchansi Language Speaker RUBY CORDERO!


This Washington state tribe has had a lot of problems we detailed them Snoqualmie allowed by Worthless BIA... The tribal members sued, but the tribe refuses to abide by court order.

San Pasqual

A curious case at San Pascual. Former Secretary of Indian Affairs Larry Echo Hawk overruled his own regional directors who had ruled the Alito family belonged in the tribe. The Alito family sued and San Pascual and Larry Echohawk do not come off well

Redding Rancheria
This is the saddest case. The Redding Rancheriaterminated the family of their first chairman, Robert Foreman They forced his family to dig up their ancestor to prove their lineage via DNA. It came back at 99.8% positive, but the new council laughed it off. This is the man who brought Indian Health Care to Norther California. The Tribe should have a STATUE of him in front of their government center, instead, they eliminated the family.

Cherokee Freedmen
The Freedmen draw the most attention thanks to it's racist component. The Freedmen were slave descendent. When you heard about the "trail of tears" did you hear the portion about the Cherokee dragging their slaves along with them?

Read more on these tribes:


Oneida Nation

Enterprise Rancheria

Robinson Rancheria

United Auburn Indian Community

We need enforcement of the Indian Civil Rights Act

Read how the Native American Caucus of the Democratic Party was against civil rights.

Read how the TRIBAL ALLIANCE OF SOVEREIGN INDIAN NATIONS treat each other's sovereignty

How to express your moral outrage? Call Pechanga at (951-770-6000) and Pala at (760-891-3500) to express your disapproval, let them know you are NOT coming back.

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