Saturday, April 28, 2012

UPDATE: Pechanga's Former Chairperson To Face Judgement of General Council

Rumors are flying fast and furious from the Pechanga Reservation in Temecula.  

We are hearing talk of threats to members that they MUST vote not to sanction former Chairwoman Jennie Miranda over issues that came to light from Pechanga's internal investigation.   

There have long been rumors of shenanigans involving slot machines sent out of the country, a card dealer's school.

This woman led the charge to have two huge voting blocs removed from Pechanga's tribal membership.  She's going to argue that she did so much for the tribe.  I'm sure that "without her" we never would have gotten a casino.   That's not true of course, though Jennie did work diligently to get one, but then, so would any leader we put in charge.

PECHANGA MEMBERS:     This woman has destroyed some of Pechanga's elders, taken advantage of her position at PDC and is NOT a good person.    She manipulated her mother's vote on the enrollment committee, there is no way that woman, Ruth Masiel was competent to either understand, nor vote on enrollment matters.    That means Jennie would be privvy to the information coming from priveleged communications, much like Potato Head's sister.   She's been fired from the education department.  Is there an investigation as to where all that money has been spent?

TAKE CHARGE, rid yourself of this woman, ban her from your casino and any position at Pechanga.  Do not allow her access to government offices.   Use your CONFIDENTIAL VOTES to be rid of her.

UPDATE:    The details are trickling in.   There will be a subsequent meeting schedule for a vote on the decisions made yesterday.  We'll have updates as soon as we can, please keep checking.
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