Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sample Boycott Letter for Pechanga

IF you were disturbed by what you heard on KCBS/KCAL9 regarding tribal disenrollment, here is a sample letter you can use. This one is for Pechanga, but you can get PALA information and submit that.  They won't know why you aren't coming back if you don't tell them

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians

PO BOX 1477
Temecula, CA 92593
Fax: 951- 695-1778

Dear Pechanga Council,

I was appalled at the story presented by Cristy Fajardo on KCBS this week.

As a concerned citizen, I will not support a tribal nation that profits from the abuse of its citizens. After learning more about tribal disenrollment, paper genocide and the apartheid practiced on your reservation, I can’t in good conscience continue to spend my dollars at your casino or hotel.

Your tribe’s violations of human and civil rights are abhorrent and reminiscent of the actions of South Africa .

I refuse to support your actions and will actively work to get more of my friends and family to do the same. While I can support sovereignty, I can’t believe sovereignty was designed to help protect a nation of abusers.

Until you change your ways, from putting elders into the street and onto the backs of taxpayers, you will not get my business. I will be writing my representative asking that they look into enforcing the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968.

Restore honor and dignity to your tribe, and your business should improve.

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