Friday, May 25, 2012

How the Pala Dispute Gets Personal: Willie and Mel

One of the disenrolled Pala people tells what happens when disagreements get personal in our comment section. I have promoted this to a full post.  This one is reminiscent of how some treated our Pechanga elder, Lawrence Madariaga.  He and wife Sophie gave those in need diapers and milk and then, they grew up to turn their backs on them.

This is Willie Pink. Today I was sitting and talking with two TV producers who are working on a piece about Pala Veterans. 

Mel Lavato happened to be in the area as well so I invited my cousin Mel over so I could introduce him to them. I shook hands with Mel then he began to scold me in front of these two men. He kept accusing me of things I did not do. So Mel if you want it to your face here it is. I don't know how it is that you can call your father and your great aunts and uncles liars. 

They have all stated that my great grandmother Margarita Brittain was 4/4ths Indian. You tend to believe every lie your grandmother ever told you. However, when she tells the truth about her Yaqui blood you turn a deaf ear. Who are you to judge us. Were you there when this supposed white man lay with my great great grandmother and made my great grandmother?  If Margarita's father is unknown are you so racist that you assume White. 

Most whites were known in the area and if her father was white we would know his name but you and yours are so filled with hate you reach out and hurt anyone in your path.

There was a time when I stood over you to keep your nephew from killing you. There was a time when I tried to stop the harassment you received from the ones you defend now. These are the same ones that had you cowering in your cellar wondering when they might try to burn your house down. You suffered so much under these goons yet you defend them because your hatred for our family is so deep that you will sell yourself to them because the pain they are causing us pleases you. Do you remember how bad it was the way that your father treated you. I can tell you how bad it was. It was so bad my mother would talk to your dad about it and ask him to stop. She often told him that he did not realize how bad he was hurting his son. 

Our family has done more for you then you will ever know. That is the problem, you don't want to know. You know the truth about Margarita Brittain but your hatred for yourself and life guides you to hurt others. Enjoy your happiness from all the pain you have caused. You said I will have to pay. It is obvious that you are suffering and already paying. You are still my cousin and that is who we are. We don't spend our time looking to hurt people. I am not walking away from this like you did today. You were not even man enough to talk to me after everything I ever did for you.
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