Wednesday, February 20, 2019

After a Decade of Indifference, Is Kamala Harris Fellating Native America with "Indigenous Day" Swap?

NO FRIEND to Native Americans
photo by Washington Examiner

California's junior Senator Kamala Harris, the #MeToo candidate, well #MeToo in terms of "jumping on the bandwagon" anyway, finding ALL the "good ideas" like free college, medicare for all, Green New Deal have been taken by the other Democrat Party Candidates, has now gone with converting Columbus Day to Indigenous People's DAY!

Yet even in this, she doesn't seem committed. During a campaign event in New Hampshire, Harris said she would be willing to change the name of Columbus Day to "Indigenous Peoples' Day."   At an event in Portsmouth, she was asked if she would support renaming the national holiday to honor Native Americans instead of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. 

Her reply sent shivers of confidence in her:  "Sign me up," Harris replied.  Not, "I've been supporting this for the decade I've been in higher office"  Not, "I've already drafted a law in the Senate".  (has she passed ANY laws?)

Her history with Native tribes here in California is not a good one. In fact, it was so bad, even the corrupt Andrew Masiel of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians was pissed off at her.

When she replaced the ineffective towards Native Americans, anti human and civil rights Senator Barbara Boxer, we were hopeful Harris would look into the issues we wrote to her about here.  We were deafened by the sounds of crickets.

You remember when Indians were outraged at the then California Attorney General’s stepped-up opposition to tribal efforts to place land in trust for casinos, fire stations, water treatment plants and other purposes, according to tribal lawyers and lobbyists.

Although Harris’ office had long been critical of tribal efforts to place lands in federal trust, tribal leaders contended the pace of the opposition letters have accelerated, and they reject the agency’s claim it is acting on directions of Governor Jerry Brown.

Harris was opposed to the Big Lagoon Rancheria getting their land into trust:  Her office argued that the tribe was not "under federal jurisdiction" in 1934. So she claimed that the BIA lacked authority to place that 11-acre site in trust, a challenge that the 9th Circuit roundly rejected in the decision.

So anti land into trust, silence on the abuses of civil and human rights in the #stopdisenrollment issue, failure on gaming compact compliance, by all means...come late to the party on Indigenous People's day.

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