Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Civil Rights Have Been Violated, WHY Won't Someone DO SOMETHING?

We will be on vacation for a week. I will be away from the computer, but have chosen some older posts to repeat, so that our readers can refresh their memories and the new readers can get an idea of what has been happening in Indian Gaming Country.  From 2009

I've heard this a few times from many groups, Pechanga disenrolled, Freedmen, Picayune and Snoqualmie. They cry out in anguish, rightfully, about how they were mistreated, screwed, violated and hurt.

But the funny thing is, there are lots of questions like, WHY won't somebody DO something to help us?

Yet, many times, when requested to join in a local picket line, or to fax a letter or to make some calls, it's SILENCE. "uh, I can't make it." "I don't have anyone to watch the kids" "I don't have a fax" "I don't like to talk on the phone" "can't someone else do it?" "you have a blog, why don't you do it?" "I did work on some of the other stuff, I did my part, now it's someone elses turn." "I've given up, but call me if we get something ."

Pretty comical, that many want SOMEONE ELSE to do the lifting, but don't want to help anymore.

Think about this in just the case of Picayune Rancheria. There were 500 (now over 700: OP) disenrolled people from that tribe. Is there a website for them? NO. Are they visiting THIS blog, where we have highlighted Chukchansi's issues? NO. Maybe 7 are COMMITTED (Hi Cathy!)to their struggle, but I'm sure all 500 would expect to get their rights back. Let's see, 500 letters or phone calls to congress or 7, which would have the most impact?

In our case, from Pechanga there are probably 30 active from two familes of about 300. 300 letters or 30? Which is greater? I can't decide... oh, maybe the 300. Imagine if their FRIENDS got involved!

800 letters or 37? It's estimated there are 10,000 Freedmen who are lacking their proper rights. 10,000 letters, or 100? ONLY ONE Creek Freedmen was at the Candlelight Vigil at Pechanga! ONE!

It's about IMPACT people and NOW, when we have a new administration in place, we need to increase the volume. That's what we have is numbers of PEOPLE. The tribes who don't care about your civil rights have MONEY, and we can't match that. It takes good, old fashioned W-O-R-K.

Visits to blogs regularly help drive up the ranks (and now twitter and facebook) and make sure that those will be looking in know that people are watching. And this type of help can be done from the comfort of your own office. Not trudging uphill in the snow....

Time to get on the bandwagon....and build awareness. I await your comments.


Anonymous said...

I love this article Rick and AGREE

With all wake UP and fight for Justice Now Native pride does not end with injustices it just begins this is a war not play time

Anonymous said...


I could not agree more with everything you have written in this post! For the past two years I have been practically begging people to get involved