Tuesday, November 1, 2022

National Congress of American Indians Marketplace Protest Highlights Sovereign Rights Abuses

 We  had a protest and many tribes were represented at NCAI’ Marketplace. Attendees were well protected by area security and at least five Sacramento PD.  We vocal, we’re made contact with lot of attendees and Native media.  I will have a few posts up this, please share on your social media.

Cam Foreman, Redding Rancheria
Rick Cuevas (far right) Pechanga

George Adams and Santana Rabang
Nooksack 306

Remy, Jackie Madariaga and Santana

 Cam Foreman on the event:  “To say that you support tribal sovereignty while you won’t condemn the desecration of ancestors, the banishment and abuse of elders who are sacred, that’s what NCAI says, to protect the Indian Child Welfare Act, yet children are being denied their right to belong, banished from their tribal communities.

It’s not a membership issue it’s a civil and human rights matter and it needs to be condemned. It’s gone on for too long. This is just a small percentage, a tiny bit of the 11,000 that have been disenrolled from their tribes, homes and communities.”


Thunderbird said...

This is exactly the Bullshit the people of this country have had enough of. Why don’t our politicians grow some balls say NO MORE!!! Oh that’s right their in bed with Lobbyists. Legal corruption at its finest. That’s ok Joe and Kamala your on your way out!!!

Anonymous said...

They can take their puppet Deb Holland with them too.

OPechanga said...

Politicians won't stand up, because not enough of us stand up. 35/11000 showed up. We were vocal and got asked MANY questions. NOW, we need to add the weight of our thousands of aggrieved. HOW do we do BETTER?

Anonymous said...

Members of the Supreme Court said the only reason they decided to entertain civil rights for African Americans was because there was So Many participants in the Marches. If you guys want the U. S. Gov. to take action and Help you gain Native American Civil Rights you NEED to add more to your ranks.