Saturday, August 15, 2020

Joe Biden Chooses Apartheid Supporter Kamala Harris AS VP

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NO FRIEND to Native Americans
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Apartheid supporter?  You bet.  CA's junior Senator Kamala Harris accepted the endorsement of Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Chairman Mark Macarro, a tribe from Temecula, who runs an apartheid reservation.  More on that down post.

Remember Kamala Harris and Columbus Day

Her reply sent shivers of confidence in her: 
 "Sign me up," Harris replied.  Not, "I've been supporting this for the decade I've been in higher office"  Not, "I've already drafted a law in the Senate".  (has she passed ANY laws?)

A Senatorial candidate,Harris concerned a CA Native American Democrat group 

We are dismayed by the lack of sensitivity to tribal issues and to Native Americans as individuals that we see in our announced candidates. Their comments and actions provide little assurance that they grasp the government-to-government relationship guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.
When Kamala Harris first became Senator, we sent her a letter that scared even the crickets from chirping, the silence was so deafening.

Dear Senator Harris,

As you assume office and begin the job of familiarizing yourself with the various issues and concerns of your constituents, please take notice of the unique problems facing Southern California Indian Country. American Indians have long suffered unfair and discriminatory treatment from the U.S. Government, and since the passing of the I.G.R.A. (Indian Gaming Regulatory Act) individual Indians have been assaulted by “elected” leaders that pursue wealth and power to the detriment of the general welfare of the people.

As CA Attorney General she was not helpful to many Native Americans

Attorney General Kamala Harris submitted a brief in a lawsuit that seeks to diminish the boundaries of the reservation of the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

Indian Gaming Groups were unsure of her as reported

She’s just failed to take positions on some critical issues … and that causes alarm,” Steve Stallings, the chairman of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association, told The Los Angeles Times. “Unfortunately, what it looks like is politics.”

As attorney general, Harris opposed at least 15 tribal land-into-trust applications, Dave Palermo reported for in February 2014. Her office also tried to stop the Big Lagoon Rancheria from opening a casino on land that was placed in trust more than two decades ago.


If you say, "Trump is Racist, and that makes his supporter Racist!"  Then you have to believe that if Kamala Harris takes the support from an Apartheid Tribe's Leader, that means she's okay with Apartheid, right?

FIFTEEN TIMES she opposed tribes on land into Trust applications, she also worked to keep Chukchansi closed.. time she was right.

Is this the woman we need as Vice President of the United States. Don't forget, she accused a prospective US Supreme Court Justice candidate and FAILED spectacularly.   She's NOT the only Democrat accepting APARTHEID MONEY

Before you send me comments about being a Republican lapdog, I ADMIT I voted for Dianne Feinstein last election, WHY?  TO KEEP THIS TWIT from being my senior Senator from California.


Anonymous said...

Mark Macarro is not even an indian!!! How did you let him become Chairman, of
Pechanga ? Have him do a blood test he's not Indian

lifetimeoftrips said...

Of course Mark supports her