Saturday, December 3, 2022

Gavin Newsom Gives CA Tax Dollars To Rich Pala Band of Mission Indians Casino Tribe For:

HOMELESSNESS?  Why are ANY tribal people HOMELESS?

REMEMBER when casino Tribes PROMISED Californians they would help balance our budget, if we gave them expanded gaming?

Pala Casino Spa Resort

Why is Governor GAVIN NEWSOM giving the rich casino tribe The Pala Band of Mission Indians OUR money to help tribal HOMELESSNESS?     This is the same Pala tribe that EVICTED their own people.  They have a 500 room hotel with 84 suites, PERFECT for their own people to end their homelessness.  Last report is per capita for Pala is nearly $60,000 per year

This is the same Pala Tribe that stripped the citizenship of 150+ of their tribal people and stole their per capita. (read tribal disenrollment is bloodless genocide)

The despicable Chairman Robert Smith has an NEW JERSEY online gaming operation that uses the Pala name, why is he even asking for our tax money?  More to the point, WHY is Gavin Newsom giving it to a human rights violating tribe?

Why isn't the media asking these questions?

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