Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pechanga Tribal Ranger Arrested for Child Porn. Were Children of the Reservation at Risk for Years by ANOTHER Sexual Predator?

Not only are a few Pechanga Tribal Members registered on Megan's Law website, including a former tribal council member, whose handwritten, unsworn letters were used as testimony from prison to help terminate an entire family, NOW, a Pechanga Tribal Ranger was arrested for child porn:

In an interview with the FBI, Zamora admitted to browsing the Internet for young girls using terms such as “Lolita,” court records state. In the following months, authorities examined a computer seized from Zamora’s home and found apparent images of child sexual exploitation, according to court records. Court records state the FBI identified 28 files containing child sexual exploitation images of girls believed to be younger than 12 and one child sexual exploitation video of a baby.

See also:  Pechanga Tribal Council Honors Man Who Commited Lewd, Lascivious Acts With A Child Under 14

Tribal Public Affairs Director Jacob Mejia said Zamora was a corporal and had worked as a ranger since 2008.   So for over three years, the reservation's children have been at risk by one who has power over them....
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