Sunday, November 21, 2021

Opposition to Sara Dutschke for Native American Heritage Commission Pour IN

I keep receiving opposition letters of people OPPOSED to Sara Dutschke for a position to Native American Heritage Commission in Calfornia.  I'm printing this with authorization, I removed the name, but the Governor's appointment secretary has this now.

Dear Ms. Rivera-Hernandez,

In addition to the information drafted in the group petition below, I would like to add information pertaining to my personal experience working with Sara Dutschke.

I worked with Mrs. Dutschke on a series of projects through a prominent Indian Law research group.

Our joint project proposed arguments against the use of disenrollment by tribes. Mrs. Dutschke did not disclose that at the same time she was also working for the Pala Band of Mission Indians on disenrolling tribal members, including myself. She utilized the research developed with one client to represent the adverse interest of another client, Pala, creating an adverse interest conflict. These types of backhanded and illegal maneuvers have no place on the Native American Heritage Commission.

  In addition, prior to her membership with the Ione Band of Miwok Indians, Mrs. Dutschke introduced herself as being of white and African American descent. During traditional introductions she would offer the disclaimer “Although I am not American Indian…”  While working with the BIA she  participated in a surreptitious agreement in which she used her position at the BIA to establish herself as an Ione Band tribal member, in return for expediting the Casino development process, and leading to her long term financial gain from the Ione Tribe.

Sara Dutschke's track record of corruption and conflicts of interest are well known throughout Indian Country, and her presence on the Commission will only cause further harm to the Native population of California.


Anonymous said...

I object to the appointment of Sara Dutschke, a nonIndian to the Native American Heritage Commission. She does not have the trust or interest of Native people and would actually harm rather than benefit Native people in their quest to promote equity in native communities. She has already created disunity and destroyed native families by arbitrarily recommending disenrollment of many legitimate enrolled members. It is imperative to promote native persons who actually are familiar with the process of the Native American people and Federally and non Federally recognized tribes to the Native American Heritage Commission. I strongly disagree with the selection of this person who is not aware or knowledgeable and will undoubtedly destroy Native families and tribes and the legality of their future positions within their tribes.

Anonymous said...

Sara became Pala's Lawyer though her Aunt Amy, Regional Director BIA Sacramento, because Robert and Amy are friends. They manipulated the Tribe over the years to take advantage of members' lack of knowledge of tribal laws, and in turn helped give complete control to Robert Smith to disenroll a huge family. A family who has proven their blood degree over and over. A family who has been continually part of Pala since they were forced there from Warners. Sara, Pala's lawyer, was paid to destroy the people she worked for, she was supposed to protect, instead she helped to destroy hundreds of people and their families, emotionally and mentally,still affected by it everyday. We have been put through hell for no other reason than greed. And she showed the Chairman how to do it without recourse. She does not care for individual members, only tribal leaders who give her money or enroll her. Please do not appoint her to the Native American Heritage Commission, she will disgrace the ancestors and cause harm to true heritage and it's future.

Anonymous said...

Sara is not a real Native as she only looks out for herself and can careless about other natives u less it benefits her or makes her look better. She did not grow up with other natives as she does not know our ways or family, community, and pride as a whole not the self pride which she only knows. Sara is not the one who should occupy such a position. Sara has brought shame to the Native community by here work with Robert Smith and helping him accomplish his years long personal agenda of changing tribal members blood degree and using fake documents to do so. These were carried out against Robert Smith enemies King Freeman and Willy Pinks families with help from Sara. She deliberately hurt tribal members and can not be trusted to look out for other tribal members.

WeRone said...

Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

There should not be a legit reason to have someone who has no conscience to what she did to the Brittain Family! We stand together here to show the dishonorable people, Robert and Sara have done! Disgrace, disloyal is what we only see in this tunnel vision!
This all comes down to our ancestors. What a shame they truly are!

Anonymous said...

Dutschke makes Margarita Brittain cry.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Who in their right mind would nominate this destroyer of Indians to a Native American Heritage Council? This wannabe Indian is deceitful and conniving! She only joined Ione Miwoks so she could get rich from tribal gaming. She is on California Tribal Business Alliance, where tribal officers go to learn how to steal from their people. Just look at Leslie Lohse of Paskenta in her orange jumpsuit, the former Treasure of CTBA to see where Sara Dutschke buys her ethics. Reject this assignment post haste and find someone with ethics instead of someone who has been in the pocket of Robert Smith since she left the BIA.

Anonymous said...

The single most harmful practice in Indian Country is disenrollment. Tribes have a right to determine membership, but this should occur at the application stage and not affect already enrolled members. This was the point of Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez, tribes can set their own enrollment policies and the Federal Government should not interfere with their political self-determination.

Attorneys and judges have extended the legal purview of the enrollment process to include protection of tribal leaders that wish to terminate the citizenship of already enrolled members. This is causes great damage to the community, and destroys the heritage of tribes. Sara Dutschke is at the forefront of this movement to damage communities and destroy tribal heritage. It is a twisted form of revisionist history to go into the past and change long-standing determinations of enrollment.

This appointee cannot be allowed to contaminate the NAHC with the immoral opinion that tribal leaders need not obtain the consent of the members to remove them from the polity and thereby deny them recourse to illicit actions. Disenrolled members have their rights to participate in the tribe revoked! They cannot bring corrective action against those who removed them.

We all must work to oppose this enemy of Indians!

Anonymous said...