Friday, December 2, 2022

ICWA: Disenrollment Keeps Native Families From Fostering Native Children

 One more thing that tribes take away from Native Americans they disenroll from their tribes.  THE RIGHT TO FOSTER Native Children.  I had a discussion in the comments of Stephanie Benally who is on the Board of Directors at Utah Tribal Relief Foundation putting out a call for help under ICWA. 

Stephanie's post included this urgent message

There is an immediate need for a kinship/foster Native American home for a newborn baby. 

The potential Native American kinship parent needs to be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe. The parent needs to be able to pass a background check and be a Utah resident.

you Disenrolled

DO not shoot the messenger here,  Stephanie was putting out a call for help.   Looks like Utah's Mixed Blood Uintah  can't help.  When Pechanga disenrolled us, they said, "we aren't saying you're not native"  well we were UNRECOGNIZED by the feds.

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