Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Mark Macarro Attacks Kizh Nation, After Pechanga Tribe Took Kizh Ancestor's Bones

 Isn't this RICH?  Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, a noted civil rights violator, after discussing the tribe's name change, which is NOT historical, blasts the the state for giving the Kizh Nation's  MLD status over bones of ancestors at a recent Native American Heritage.  Pechanga did the same thing to the Kizh Nation, remember?

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro is a lout, a tyrant, and a liar.  Why should the Native American Heritage committee trust him?  Because the tribe makes a lot of money with their casino?


Anonymous said...

What ? How do you change the tribes name and Hi-jack the tribe? The feds are okay with this?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I would think a person in his position would get his facts straight. Talk about misinformation regarding what tribal villages are actually Gabrieleño-Kizh and which are Luiseño, which areas are joint use areas according to primary source historical and archaeological, ethnographic records and talk about twisting the truth about what really happened on the project!! Seems like drama, sensationalism and fear tactics are being used to mislead people. The fact is his sister (Soboba) tribes’s boss did not care about this project and did not care to protect the ancestors or the cultural resources for months! But when the correct call was made to the KIZH NATION (the proven Gabrieleño lineal descendants) of in their TRADITIONAL ancestral joint use area, where the archaeological records clearly shows they have every right to be, Maccarro and his crooked supporters decided to use their money and political clout to spin the ACTUAL FACTS and spread lies about people who have their ancestry in order and believe me, WE ARE NOT TALKING about the imposters that call themselves by the 1980’s recently inspired, incorrect name ‘Tongva’. Once again Maccarro needs to get his facts straight and stop lying. By the way since we are talking about lying.. …. The Southern Channel Islands ARE NOT your TRADITIONAL ANCESTRAL TERRITORY EITHER PECHANGA. Stop lying about that too! It is unfortunate that many of todays Indigenous are sold out to the colonizers mentality of thievery, greed, power and lies. Seems many have forgotten their fellow tribal brothers and sisters. Time to shed light on those who do wrong for their political or financial gain!!

Anonymous said...

KIZH WHOOOOO? Pg. 5 (PDF PG. 10) AND PG. 24 (PDF PG. 196) https://archive.org/details/bancroft_chartmerriam_1556_08/page/n1/mode/2up. THE KIZH IS A MADE-UP TERM.